contactless technologies to improve safety

Contactless Technologies And Home-Automation Solutions For A Safer Tomorrow!

These are unprecedented times with innovative ways to eliminate contact with surfaces to help avoid being infected with microbes based on ‘touch’. Covid-19 has disrupted our lives, and social distancing has become a norm. Our work, study, social interactions and the way we live is continuing to change rapidly!

We are now prepared mentally for future pandemics, lockdowns, curfews, vaccine-drives etc. Hence, these unpredictable-times and coping-measures are now the ‘new normal’.

The answer to a safe living lies simply in finding contactless ways of surviving and thriving.

Affordable Technology solutions will be the catalyst to help us cope and adapt to a ‘contactless’ way of life.

The ‘adoption’ of technology disruptions has been much faster with Covid-19. People across the globe have willingly accepted and embraced contactless, futuristic technologies.

What has changes suddenly over the last 2 years?

  • Businesses are operating from home
  • Bills being paid digitally
  • Grocery, and general leisure shopping being done online
  • Home deliveries, and online shopping
  • Banking transactions and digital-payments via smartphone apps
  • Social interactions over video chats
  • Openness to vaccination, curfews, online-examinations at school/colleges
  • Use of masks, frequent disinfecting of surfaces, hands, and items purchased

Emergence and acceptance of disruptive technology will continue to be faster given the situation.

Innovations of contactless technologies will get further fast-tracked to make them affordable and accessible to the general public. Work and our personal spaces at home will continue to change, and allow us with a safer and healthier living.

Builders and architects will incorporate these contactless technology solutions in their residential home offerings in tune with the consumer demand.

Remote and contactless technologies enabling work from ‘home’ and ‘office’

  • ‘Work from home’ model becoming an accepted model, with ways to ensure efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Technology solutions enabling remote-work collaboration
  • Regulations and workplace design adapting to social distancing norms
  • Examples of contactless technologies at work (both home and office)- Contactless elevators, far-spaced seating arrangements, contactless water and sanitizer dispensers, mobile technologies to track work and other aspects of life like wellness, access to doors and elevators etc.
  • All this will help families and people to enter their rooms, homes and office without touching or unintentionally bumping into each other
  • Motion sensors, facial recognition, touchless self-service health monitoring kiosks will secure our safety in workplaces as well as home

Home-automation, IoT wearables and automated security measures

  • Home will become more evolved and a better place as a new office with architects and builders offering design and technological solutions for a contactless experience
  • Adoption of home automation technologies is a given
  • Contactless interaction is already on the rise ‘within-home’
  • Indian smart home market is all set to breach the $8 billion by the end of 2022
  • Consumers will be using intuitive technologies and virtual voice assistants to complete daily tasks, and even set reminders
  • Automation will take over daily chores, and also help families plan their day, and even operate appliances/gadgets remotely
  • People will enjoy personalised services like switching on the geyser, ordering groceries and even receive digital payment reminders
  • Contactless home security will be offered by builders across India
  • Smart cameras, internet-connected doorbells will help us see who is standing at our home main door via our smartphones
  • Home automation features like keyless doors, doors enabled with façe-recognition smart locks, voice-assisted alarms and smoke sensors will further enhance security of our home
  • Internet of Things (IoT) wearables will only increase with consumers wearing smart bands to monitor body temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen levels, counting of foot-steps to build immunity
  • Alerts to respect social distancing norms and greater adherence to health compliance has already being witnessed across the globe

New opportunities and new ways of doing things has taught us ‘how to cope with problems’ with the help of technology solutions, and continue to survive and thrive.

 Example of contactless technologies

These technology driven solutions will only help us live the ‘new normal’ with an unshakeable resilience in the face of adversity.

“Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.”

– Daniel Bell


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