9 Living Room Mistakes To Avoid If You Want More SPACE In Your Apartment!

9 Living Room Mistakes To Avoid If You Want More SPACE In Your Apartment!

Sometimes even the most spacious apartment tends to feel cluttered and small due to wrong choices we make on designing and adding household items to it. The living room is one of the most defining areas of the house that makes this first impression.

A well-decorated and minimalistic living-room can be far more impressive and inviting to maintain the sense of freedom and spaciousness.

Being functional, comfortable, and easy to move around are 3 elements that are often ignored once we begin filling-up and piling up spaces we own.

Common Living Room Mistakes

Gives below are some of the common living room mistakes. The spaces in your home need to feel airy, allow for breathing-space, and seem bigger than they actually are.

1. Not choosing the right-size sofa

 3-seater sofa is one of the living room mistakes
  • Living room needs a sofa
  • At times they are either too large, or with too many pieces that occupy space (for example- 2 single-seaters, 1 three-seater, 1 two-seater sofa or more)
  • Number of sofa pieces need not be too many
  • Also, willingness to change to go with the living room is minimal
  • An over-sized sofa needs to be dispensed with and replaced with a sleeker trendy design
  • 3-seater sofas can be replaced with a 2-seater sofa, and single-seater sofa

2. Trying to recreate ‘showroom’ or a ‘magazine’ look

  • Never try to get the same effect as a showroom
  • What works in a showroom or a magazine may not be appropriate in your living room
  • It is okay to even blend the old look with new look. There are no rules when you want to create space or a theme to bring out the personality of your living room

3. Buying ‘carpet’ for an Indian living room

  • Carpets gather dust, and are not a great choice unlike western countries
  • Clear flooring without obstructions works well in creating more free-flowing space
using carpet  is one of the  living room mistakes

4. Cluttered layout restricting free-flow movement

  • A good living room is not about placing a sofa against the wall facing the television unit
  • You can create different patterns with long rooms and allow movement behind the sofa as well

5. Not knowing what and how to hang artefacts on ceiling & walls

  • Artefacts or wall or ceiling hangings should not be excessive or intrusive
  • Trust your visuals and not be swayed about force-fitting decorative pieces to the living room just because you ended up buying them
  • Wrongly hung artefacts can ruin the beauty of the living room besides being untasteful and visually disturbing
  • Pictures should be hung at a height of over 5 to 6 feet from the floor

6. Selecting fabrics and textures that you will actually use

  • Do not buy expensive materials you are worried about spoiling as you use them
  • The fabrics and materials must be able to handle daily wear and tear of daily, worry-free use

7. Not letting architecture stop you from having interiors of your preference

  • Not to get stuck with the design of the home
  • Selection of furniture must not be based on the design-element
  • Merging traditional with old elements of interiors and vice-versa are absolutely fine

8. Not keeping consistent height of your furniture

  • Height of the seating arrangements usually be symmetrical- of the same height

9. Not using outdoor fabrics for indoors and vice-versa

  • Outdoors fabric can deal with high wear and tear, and are usually not the same as indoor fabrics on seating materials

All these mistakes when avoided will result in an aesthetically pleasing and inviting living room!

“Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris

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