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What makes a ‘standalone apartment’ score over a ‘gated community apartment’ in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad has the unique advantage of being a city where the small builders in the ‘standalone building apartment’ segment offer unbeatable advantages and offerings to home buyers of all categories. Be it the low-budget economy apartments below 1000 sft, or luxurious apartments measuring above 2000 sft, you have it all!

The ‘standalone building apartments’ truly STAND-OUT with unbeatable advantages provided the home buyers are looking at the benefits/advantages that are outlined below.

The advantages of the standalone apartment that score over gated community apartment-

1. More spacious apartments for the same price

  • Let’s understand this with an example- If a 1600 square foot ‘gated community apartment’ in a certain locality costs 96 lacs (@ Rs 6000 per sft), the same sized apartment in a ‘standalone building apartment’ in that same locality would cost Rs 80 to 85 Lacs (@ Rs 5000 per sft)…lower by approximately Rs 10 lakh!
  • In other words, if your budget is Rs 96 lacs, you could actually buy a ‘standalone building apartment’ which is really SPACIOUS– admeasuring over 1900 sft…which is 300 sft more SPACIOUS than the ‘gated community apartment’ counterpart for the same money!
  • Space is undisputedly more important, especially, in the post COVID era!
  • Companies (employers), as well as homebuyers in Hyderabad, have gotten comfortable with ‘at home’ work arrangements. This means that a home buyer seeks more spacious apartments if one had to stay put at home throughout the day. The same goes for the children, who need more space at home to study
  • Within Hyderabad, the demand for 3 BHK and more spacious apartments have more than doubled over the last two years. Homebuyers are seeking efficiently designed homes that cater to SPACE related demands of the entire family

2. Decidedly ‘better location’ at a lower price

  • The ‘standalone building apartments’ are constructed over smaller residential plots admeasuring between 400 square yards to 2000 square yards located in superb locations across Hyderabad- both closer to a place of work or away from it
  • These smaller, open plots are usually located in well-established colonies which are preferred by home buyers
  • Logically, the home-buyers prefer only locations that are high on social infrastructure, and also offer a peaceful environment a little away from the noise and air pollution
  • This is why, wherever the ‘standalone building apartments’ come up, they are actually better locations, NOT because they are closer to their place of work, but, because they offer peace, tranquillity, and a lower-priced, YET A BIGGER HOME.

3. Low-density living- ideal for overall wellbeing

  • Well-established colonies where these ‘standalone building’ apartments come up comprise independent bungalows as well, which makes them more spacious from a population-density perspective. You have lesser people per square kilometer as compared to places where you have a concrete jungle of high-rises clustered together
  • For instance, a place like Sainikpuri or Yapral offers the best of both worlds, with low-density living, spacious areas to walk around, and clear air
  • The green cover of a locality is also a strong motivator for a home buyer to choose a ‘standalone building apartment’

4. Not paying additionally for unnecessary amenities

  • This is an unbeatable advantage that standalone building apartments offer. You do NOT have to pay for the swimming pool, gymnasium, play areas, etc.
  • These added, and often NOT USED amenities are simply NOT baked into the cost of the ‘standalone apartment’ you purchase
  • Instead, you spend the same money for buying the SPACE INSIDE THE HOME, thereby, avoiding paying for something which you actually may not even use
  • The homebuyers in Hyderabad, and perhaps, the world over, are realizing this need to pay for SPACE inside the house, rather than for external amenities. Those who were earlier inclined towards only tiny houses (2BHK or lesser) in plush gated-community societies are now wanting MORE SPACE for THEMSELVES (3BHK or more) in standalone building apartments

5. Relevant amenities that are actually used

  • The presence of ‘relevant amenities’ like branded & spacious lifts, power back-up, security, lobbies, etc. make the ‘standalone apartment’ very attractive to home buyers in Hyderabad
  • No one would want to pay for amenities and utilities that they are hesitant to use! Unnecessary human contact, when possible, is being avoided, and this NEW WORLD REALITY is there to stay for decades to come to world-over!

6. Same or even better-branded specifications

  • Another unbeatable advantage is that there is NOTHING that small builders in Hyderabad cannot provide you, depending on what segment of home you are looking for
  • The same premium/branded amenities, fittings, and fixtures are being provided by smaller builders who operate efficiently and professionally in the ‘standalone building apartment’ market
  • You can choose to buy a Rs. 65 lakh high-end 3 BHK apartment in a standalone building in a cluster-living apartment (where you have 2, 3, or more neighbors on the same floor)
  • Alternatively, if money is not a constraint, a home buyer could buy a spacious 3 BHK ‘EXCLUSIVE FLOOR’ admeasuring over 2200 sft for anything between Rs 1.3 crore to Rs 2.5 crore, depending on the location and specifications
  • For instance, an exclusive independent-floor apartment admeasuring 2200 sft in Sainikpuri or Yapral could cost approximately Rs 1.5 crore

All these unbeatable advantages make the standalone apartment very lucrative to home buyers in Hyderabad.


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