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Compelling reasons to buy Your ‘standalone building’- 3BHK Flats in Sainikpuri locality at Hyderabad!

Compelling reasons to buy Your ‘standalone building’ – 3BHK Flats in Sainikpuri locality at Hyderabad!

Many homebuyers in Hyderabad are increasingly choosing 3 BHK standalone home options in less densely populated localities. Sainikpuri in Hyderabad is one such residential pocket that’s being increasingly preferred by home buyers.

Instead of choosing more expensive 3BHK ‘gated community’ apartments in Western Hyderabad- the IT corridor of Madhapur, Gachibowli, and adjoining areas, home buyers are looking at more green and serene localities like Sainikpuri and Yapral. Work from the home option by employers also allows home buyers with the flexibility to opt for a locality of their choice.

Let’s explore why Sainikpuri is being preferred by many home buyers…

1. ‘Reasonable price’ of Your ‘standalone building’ – 3BHK Flats in sainikpuri

An all-amenities-loaded ‘Gated community apartment’ is more expensive as compared with a ‘standalone building apartment’. For instance, in the Hitech city area of Hyderabad, the gated community apartment could cost anywhere upwards of Rs 6500 per sft. Whereas, a ‘standalone apartment’ in Sainikpuri could be around Rs 4500 per sft. This means you can buy MORE SPACE for the same money in a locality like Sainikpuri. This means that a 1600 sft ‘standalone building’ apartment in Sainikpuri or Yapral could cost less than Rs. 80 lacs, whereas, in areas adjoining Hitech city or Gachiblowli, the same 1600 sft gated community could cost more than Rs 1.2 crore.

A perdecr price - 3 bhk flats in sainikpuri

2. Does a standalone building apartment in Sainikpuri measure well on quality and specifications?

The answer is YES! Standalone 3BHK flats in Sainikpuri are being offered by all the thinkable luxuries we need for a high-quality living! Now, the standalone apartments are plush with the relevant amenities catering to all segments of buyers.

Smaller builders in and around Sainikpuri are offering RERA/GHMC approved, and bank loan approved ‘standalone building’ 3BHK apartments. The quality of construction is high as you can easily find professional builders in Sainikpuri who are being ‘innovative’ to upgrade their standalone building apartments with all the RELEVANT AMENITIES & FEATURES.

Obviously, the ‘standalone building apartments’ do not match-up to their ‘Gated community’ counterparts on shared amenities like gymnasium, swimming pool, or community-center/club-house, etc. However, these amenities bring added costs that you do end up SAVING while buying a ‘standalone building’ flats in the Sainikpuri area.

The cost saves plus low-density living in Sainikpuri are two COMPELLING reasons that go in favor of a standalone building apartment in this locality.

So, you do have a STRONG REASON to opt for The STANDALONE BUILDING Flats in Sainikpuri or Yapral locality.

Let us explore the arguments or reasons why standalone building flats in SAINIKPURI (confined within a small plot size of 400 square yards to 1500 square yards) may make more sense compared to a ‘gated community mega complexes’ (running in acres) for 3 BHK home buyers in Hyderabad.

3 bhk flats in sainikpuri

3. Compelling reasons to choose a ‘standalone building’ 3BHK apartment in Sainikpuri, Hyderabad

  • In Sainikpuri, per square foot price of a standalone building apartment is lower and very attractive compared with highly populated and polluted areas in and around Hi-tech city among others
  • Sainikpuri is a posh area to live in primarily due to the retired Armed Forces personnel who settled in and around this area since the 1960’s
  • The number of parks, walking tracks are numerous. A morning and evening walk around Sainikpuri is simply a delight!
  • The cantonment and extensive green-cover of trees and beautiful cantonment-like feel is priceless in Sainikpuri, which will remain untouched for decades to come
  • A Sainikpuri ‘standalone building’ apartment offers a good social connect because of lesser apartments, and you could know everyone by their names and faces
  • Standalone building apartments in Sainikpuri come with a provision of exclusive parking area. You also have the terrace area for functions/festivals
  • Lesser number of families in a standalone building apartment could range from 5 to 30 families, which is good! It prevents excessive social contact in a post pandemic era
  • Security features like security guards and home automation options at the doors/gates depending on the society members’ needs are also available in these home-options in Sainikpuri
  • You have elevators (lifts) being provided by builders in Sainikpuri. Additionally, due to low-density population, the influx of visitors is lesser making it safer for residents
  • Although amenities like clubhouse, gymnasium, SPA, walking tracks inside the gated complex are not available, but NOT everyone uses them even within a family. So, this results in cost-save if you buy a standalone building apartment in a locality like Sainikpuri
  • The location of ‘standalone building apartments’ in Sainikpuri is one of the best in Hyderabad, and this needs no explanation
  • Plus, if someone in the family wants additional amenities, one can always go to gyms, hotels, SPA, shops etc. in close vicinity of the standalone building at Sainikpuri locality
  • Relevant amenities like dedicated parking slots, lifts, power back-up are equally good in your standalone building 3 BHK apartment at Sainikpuri

4. Sainikpuri- a perfect place to call home!

3 bhk flats in sainikpuri- A perfect place to call

With a standalone building apartment in Sainikpuri, everything usually is a stone-throw away, thanks to a better location with A.S Rao Nagar market, the Sainikpuri main road and the Hi-tension (Double road) that runs parallel to Sainikpuri main road.

Standalone apartments in Sainikpuri is a priced possession since it is a very well-established residential colony surrounded by excellent & thriving social infrastructure. The shops, entertainment options, eateries, medical facilities, educational institutions etc. are all very close-by at Sainikpuri.

A standalone building apartment in Sainikpuri is high on SPACE and VALUE-FOR-MONEY they offer! The standalone building apartment home options offerings in Sainikpuri are more economical.

Sainikpuri is a great location, and scores extremely high on quality of life due to the beautiful surroundings!

“Make your physical surroundings as beautiful as possible.”

Alexandra Stoddard


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