What is cement

What is cement? And understanding the importance of cement for your dream home in India!

Cement is one of the most essential raw materials required in construction projects. Cement acts as a cohesive agent in building a house. Hence, the stronger the cement, the stronger is the bonding.

The strength of the structure is based on the cement used. Good quality cement is a must-have for a firm structure.

What is cement? how is it manufactured?

1. What is cement? How is it manufactured?

  • Cement is a binder
  • Cement is a substance that sets, hardens, and sticks to other materials to bind them together
  • Cement is rarely used as a standalone element
  • In construction, cement binds sand and gravel (aggregate) together
  • Cement is manufactured with a controlled chemical combination of calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron, and other ingredients
  • Materials used to manufacture cement include limestone, shells, and chalk or marl. These materials are combined with shale, clay, slate, blast furnace slag, silica sand, and iron ore
  • When the above ingredients are heated at high temperatures, they form a rock-like substance. After grinding this substance, the fine powder that we get is cement

2. How concrete is made using cement

 What is cement? and how concrete is made using cement

[Source- https://www.cement.org/]

  • Concrete is a mixture of paste and rocks
  • The paste comprises portland cement and water. It is used for coating the surface of the fine and large aggregates
  • With the help of a chemical reaction called hydration, this paste hardens and gains strength to form a rock-like mass (concrete)
  • Concrete is soft, plastic-like, and malleable when it is freshly mixed. Once it gets hardened over a few hours, it turns strong and durable. This is how concrete is used to build tall buildings, bridges, superhighways, houses, and so on

3. Choosing the right cement matters!

Choosing the right and good quality cement for construction is important. A string building with the right cement lasts longer resisting bad weather and other conditions.

The right type and quality of cement prevent the degradation of your dream home!

The housing sector has the highest demand for cement.

The quality of the cement depends on its components. However the quality of the cement goes down over time, therefore it is recommended to use fresh cement for construction.

There are different grades of cement, and the quality of the cement is determined after a month of its application.

Ordinary Portland Cement also called OPC is the most usual type of cement used in constructing buildings. It is available in different colors. Grey Portland cement is used in constructing residential buildings whereas white Portland cement is usually used for interior and exterior decorations.

 What is cement? and Choosing the right cement matters!

4. THREE Grades of OPC cement in India

  • 33 Grade Ordinary Portland cement: This grade is the most extensively used cement in the country. 33 Grade is useful for masonry works and some common concrete works. Wherever the structure does not have to face adverse conditions, this cement is used there. The strength of 33-grade cement is calculated based on 28 days period. 33-grade cement assures the quality of paint life, and breath-ability of the wall is maintained which prevents the patches on the wall.
  • 43 Grade Ordinary Portland Cement: Where there is a need to tolerate high stress and tensile pressure, usually 43-grade cement is used in such projects. This type of cement is usually used in flooring, plastering, painting, and brick masonry. 43-grade cement is more adhesive than the 33-grade cement. 43 mega pascals strength is attained in a period of 28 days. The bonding capacity is better and the durability of this grade is so high that it can withstand adverse effects of weather.
  • 53 Grade Ordinary Portland Cement: A building that requires higher / quicker strength in the initial stages, prefers grade 53. This setting is stronger when compared to grades 33 and 43. It also attains 53 mega pascals strengths within 28 days of setting. Grade 53 cement is usually used in RCC and prestressed concrete for higher grades, instant plugging mortars, and cement grouts. The volume is more for the weight which results in better quality and fineness.

5. Tips for choosing the right cement in India

Below are a few critical tips to choose the right quality of cement:
– The cement should not have any other particles or lumps in it.
Cement should always feel cool to bare hands.
– It should be fine and not rough, smoothness can be checked by rubbing it between your fingers.
– The cement bags should be used immediately after the seal is opened.

This is why having good knowledge about cement is good, as you can ask your builder about it. Knowing about cement helps you determine what kind of building you are buying.

A home buyer must never compromise on the strength of the building, and avoid builders who offer cheap deals to home buyers by using sub-standard materials, especially cement!

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

– Henry Ford


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