Ways to make small bathrooms look bigger and more spacious in Indian homes

Ways to make small bathrooms look bigger and spacious in Indian homes-Part 2!

This is part II of the article. Please click here for part I.

The article is about Indian bathrooms, where we try to optimize space,

get enough space for ‘storage’ for toiletries, cosmetics, washing/cleaning items, hand towels, and more floor space in general.

There are ways to prevent small bathrooms from feeling cramped and suffocated. Without being big, your bathroom can still seem more stylish!

Tips to utilize every square inch of small bathrooms to feel BIGGER & BETTER!

1. Using bathroom DOORS and areas around it

small Bathrooms - storage hacks and solutions

[Source- https://www.idealhome.co.uk/]

  • Doors complement the overall look, especially with a small bathroom
  • Minor changes to the main door of your small bathroom and shower door can help
  • Redirect your door to swing-open OUTWARD
  • Opening the door outward helps save precious bathroom space
  • Another idea is to get a SLIDING door (pocket door). It may at times be more difficult to open or take more time to open
  • This way you end up protecting the precious space in your Indian bathroom
  • Space ABOVE THE DOOR can be used for storage
  • The DOOR ITSELF can be used for hanging “door pouches”
  • Installing a SHELF ABOVE THE DOORWAY also helps create space
  • Extra toiletries or towels can be kept here as you do not use them every day

2. Using vertical space

  • Wall or vertical space of our Indian bathrooms can be used for storage
  • Areas you can put to use:
    • Bathroom and shower walls
    • Areas above toilets and vanities
    • Tight corners which are unutilized
  • You must look out for all the spaces (barren spots) that are waiting to be used for extra storage

3. Using shelves effectively

Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

[Source- https://www.ohmeohmyblog.com/ ]

  • High or low shelves can be added easily to vertical spaces/walls
  • Narrow open shelves can be used for eye-level spaces
  • Eye-level shelves make the bathroom look open and spacious
  • At more height, you can use shelves that are DEEP although reaching out to them can be challenging
  • A general rule- place everyday essentials on the lower shelves. Store bulky items like towels on top, which makes it easier to reach out to them
  • A tiny stool can help you reach out to higher shelves. Your tiny stool can be folded to make sure you don’t get injured
  • Floor space can also be used for lower shelves
  • You can add low shelves adjacent to your pedestal sink
  • Using recessed shelves helps save space but these need to be installed very carefully

4. Cabinets, baskets, magnets, organizers

 Magnetic Bathroom Rack | Small bathrooms

[Source- http://www.darkroomanddearly.com/]

  • Although OPEN SHELVES are better than cabinets, you can use cabinets if you prefer that
  • Even door spaces can be used to make cabinets above or around it
  • Small baskets, hooks, and magnets can be used for bathroom essentials and hygiene/grooming products, shaving mirrors, or more
  • Hooks and magnets can be installed on doors as well as walls to hang clothes, towels, etc. The look of hooks adds to the beauty of your Indian bathroom too
  • Hang organizers can have small pouches for items you don’t want to hang
  • You can even use magnetic strips near the vanity to hold IRON-made (magnetic) items like safety pins, hair clips, nail cutters, tweezers, etc

5. Other storage tips for indian small bathrooms

  • Just like using the space above a doorway, you can use areas above W.C toilets and shower
  • You can easily add a shelf for extra toilet papers, OR a rod to hang your towels/clothes, OR hooks for hanging your loofahs
  • You can hang small pouches to hang your shampoo and conditioner bottles. Plus, these get within your easy reach while taking a shower
  • For WC with a water tank, you can place a basket on top for various items like toilet, paper, newspaper, magazines, etc.
  • You can put wasted spaces near the area beside the W.C of the toilet and the corners for hanging or creating storage spaces
  • You can have hangers, small baskets, and pouch-like storage for many small and light items
  • Corners can be used effectively with immense storage pieces
  • You can even create medicine cabinets in your bathroom with a mirror and tiny cabinet behind it. This is a terrific storage combo for smaller bathrooms in India


To know more about “Small Bathroom Layout: Ways To Make Small Bathrooms Look Bigger And More Spacious In Indian Homes- Part I ”. Click here!

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