Explaining why Vastu need NOT be your sole consideration for buying your 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad!

While buying your 3 BHK or bigger apartment in Hyderabad, one of the most important considerations that overshadows all other considerations for many homebuyers is- VASTU.

A Vastu compliant home is perhaps the most basic pre-requisite, without which, sometimes, homebuyers in Hyderabad don’t even enter a residential complex.

No wonder builders make it a point to not only give STRICTLY VASTU compliant floors but go all out to advertise their offering as being ‘Apartments made 100% as per Vastu’!

The home buyers on the other hand go all out to study facets of Vastu on the internet, the direction of various rooms, the ‘facing’ of the home entrance, and so on. Some homebuyers in Home Buyers go to the extent of hiring professional Vastu consultants, and their verdict is cast in stone! The builders are more scared of these self-proclaimed Vastu pundits more than anyone else. The scare of Vastu has been often used to wean away home buyers from being practical and logical. No one wants any harm to their family, and this is the main reason that many homebuyers simply reject a home if there are some Vastu-related defects identified!

Examples of how logical and scientific reasons upon which Vastu was originally based-upon are often ignored

In the bargain, most home buyers forget to appreciate that over 3000 years ago, Vastu Shastra was propounded as a means to ‘enhance the quality of life, with a focus on two basic elements- ‘sunlight’ and ‘ventilation’. The objective behind all the so-called tenets of Vastu is to lead a comfortable, happy life.

Let’s look at the major tenets of Vastu on rooms and their location, and the scientific reasons thereof-

  • Kitchen to the South-East was recommended so that early morning sunlight comes in, and kills all the microbes. Food is cooked in the morning, so more sunlight allows us to see clearly, and cook with comfort
  • Master bedroom was recommended to be in the South-west direction of the plan, and only elderly people were recommended to stay in this room. Again the logic being that sunlight beats hard on this room, and room remains dry. Elders can take heat, but not cold weather. It is healthier to live in a hotter room for elders in the family than the youngsters

Let’s face it, none of these things actually matter now if you are living in an apartment. Your kitchen may NOT get morning sunlight at all in an apartment!

Similarly, the elders in the home may get a Vastu compliant home, but they end up installing an air-conditioner to cut out the heat. The Vastu proponents 3000 years back never asked for an air-conditioner to be installed. In fact, back then they didn’t even know that after 3000 years, we will have people living in apartments.

What’s the right approach to Vastu while buying your 3 BHK flat or bigger ‘apartment’ in Hyderabad?

  • Vastu principles do NOT apply to apartments in its entirety
  • In an apartment complex, you have apartments all around you, and sunlight and ventilation is NOT fully available to you
  • Vastu can apply only on open plots, but even there, sometimes it fails to apply
  • For example, you buy an East-facing plot, and you have high-rise buildings on plots all around you. So, effectively, you DO NOT get sunlight either from East or from West, and your home would always remain under the ‘actual shadow’ of the buildings from morning to 11 am, and from 2pm till night. Here, Vastu principles are completely failed, because you simply don’t have free access to sunlight and uninterrupted breeze
  • As a home buyer, we need to be scientific and logical in our approach, and appreciate the SCIENTIFIC BASIS of Vastu Shastra.

Hence, it is prudent to think logically, and if your apartment is making you feel comfortable, you have adequate sunlight (regardless of directions), and the feeling of spaciousness is pronounced, take a practical call. Book an apartment that feels comfortable, offers convenience and gives you natural light and adequate ventilation.

Think ‘why’ Sage Mamuni Mayan might have considered while evolving the logic of ‘Vastu Shastra’ over 3000 years back on the art of building temples, palaces, towns, and cities. Sage Mamuni Mayan, Thakkar Pheru,  Ramachandra Bhattaraka Kaulachara, and many other proponents certainly did NOT have apartments and flats in mind while they propounded these scientifically based ‘Vastu tenets’.

To conclude, Vastu Shastra must NOT be followed as a dogma. Instead, Vastu tenets need to be understood as per their intended scientific reasons for a happier living.

To quote Adam Smith, “Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.”


To know more about “Rules of Vastu do NOT apply ‘fully’ to apartments- a wise and logical perspective on Vastu for 2/3 BHK home buyers in HyderabadClick here

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