Vastu For Home -Interpretations, fears,and mistakes of home buyers on understanding and applying ‘Vastu Shastra’ to apartments(part 1)

Vastu For Home – Interpretations, fears, and mistakes of home buyers on understanding and applying ‘Vastu Shastra’ to apartments(part I)

Let us begin by asking ourselves: Does Vastu Shastra really apply to an apartment home entirely? What could be the mistakes to avoid, and right logic to be applied when we look for a 100% Vastu compliant apartment! Is there any such thing called ‘100% as per Vastu for home’?

Vastu for home tells us about the scientific theory of constructing the perfect home as envisaged more than 3000 years back. The primary goal of Vastu Shastra has been to tell us ‘how to live in harmony with nature‘. However, the way many home buyers approach the subject of Vastu is in blind faith, and a scary proposition that can destroy the peace of our homes, if not followed. The fear factor of Vastu Shastra seems to be overtaking the actual logical factor!

understanding Vastu for home

The treatise on Vastu Shastra became the basis of how residential homes, palaces, temples, etc. were to be built in ancient times. The scientific logic even back then was used the ‘Panchabhutas’ (5 elements of nature- Earth, Water, Fire, Atmosphere, and Air) to live in harmony with nature.

vastu shastra- vastu for home

Let us try to understand why Vastu Shastra does NOT apply to an apartment-living configuration entirely!

Why is Vastu Shastra not fully applicable to apartments?

Fact remains, that apartments and sky-scrapers were not part of the scheme of things in the ancient times when Vastu Shastra was proposed 3000 years back. There was no apartment living back then! So, why try to force something onto apartments when it may not even satisfy the basic premise?

The real question is: Are the principles and tenets of Vastu Shastra relevant to apartment homes?

The answer is: NOT entirely, and NOT always! Applicability of Vastu Shastra on apartment home depends on how close the apartments are to ‘residential plot’ like conditions. Why so? Simply because Vastu Shastra was meant for open residential plots. So, if the apartments have similar conditions like an open plot of land, then the tenets can apply.

The next logical questions are: When does that happen? …and what is unique about a residential plot? The answer to this is that, unlike an apartment, a residential plot is situated on mother Earth, and is open on all four sides.

So, if the apartment is open on all four sides, then Vastu tenets may apply. For example, this is possible is the one apartment per floor configuration where all four sides are ‘open to sky’.

Vastu for home

However, that is usually not possible with apartments as they are usually built in a cluster formation (2, 3, 4 or more units on one floor). All four sides are NOT fully open to sky, sunlight and clear-ventilation in a cluster-based apartment. You could be surrounded with a cluster of adjoining apartment towers with little or no ‘direct sunlight’ or ‘air inflow’ throughout the day!

Vastu For Home : What is Vastu Shastra meant to do for us?

We must understand the logic of Vastu as envisaged by the proponents of Vastu Shastra like Sage Mamuni Mayan, Thakkar Pheru,  Ramachandra Bhattaraka Kaulachara among others.

Two important facts-

A. Vastu Shastra was propounded as a means to ‘enhance quality of life’, with focus on use of ‘sunlight’ and ‘ventilation’ in a scientific way for all the members of the family

B. Tenets of Vastu were meant to help members lead a comfortable, happy life by being in harmony with nature and environs around us

This is not always the case! This is why Vastu Shastra must not be followed blindly with apartments. You must be driven by the logic, the actual feel of each room, and the on-the-floor realities of an apartment before you accept or reject an apartment to be your dream home.

“Superstition, the mother of those hideous twins, fear and faith, from her throne of skulls, still rules the world.”

Robert G. Ingersoll


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