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Vastu for apartments : interpretations, fears and mistakes of home buyers on understanding and applying ‘Vastu Shastra’ to apartments- part II

Vastu for apartments : Interpretations, fears and mistakes of home buyers on understanding and applying ‘Vastu Shastra’ to apartments- part II

This is part II of the article on Vastu Shastra where we shall get a deeper understanding of the mistakes we make while forcing Vastu for apartments.

Here we are asking ourselves: Does Vastu Shastra really apply to an apartment home entirely? Mistakes to avoid, and right logic to be applied!

We shall explore to appreciate the scientific logic upon which Vastu Shastra was envisaged.

Vastu Shastra is meant to make us happy and comfortable, and not scare the hell out of us. The worst thing the fear-mongering Vastu pundits do is to push us beyond fear and make our existence itself feel threatened if the Vastu principles are not applied fully. We love our family, and tend to give in to these fears!

Primary Vastu tenets- a summary

Vastu for apartments - Primary Vastu tenets-(a summary)

[Source- https://www.naidunia.com/ ]

A simple explanation of Vastu tenets in a residential home is given below-

A simple explanation of Vastu for apartments

Vastu for Apartments : Mistakes we make while trying to apply Vastu Shastra on apartments

1. Thinking that Vastu principles apply 100% on apartments, and not understanding the scientific reason or logic behind it.

2. Falling prey to fear-mongering Vastu pundits.

3. Rejecting well-ventilated, well-lit-up apartments and trying to force-fit Vastu for apartments spaces.

4. Blindly choosing buy and live in so-called 100% Vastu compliant that lack the required natural light, air, and decent ventilation.

5. Getting over-influenced and scared due to advice of elders or ‘fear mongers’ who are consumed by half-baked knowledge of Vastu, and cannot see the logic of Vastu Shastra.

Scenarios where you should ACCEPT and say YES to an apartment that may not be Vastu compliant

  • Example 1- If the children’s bedroom in an apartment is well-ventilated, and full of sunlight on South-East, do not reject it
  • Example 2- As per Vastu, although South-East is meant for Kitchen, but why reject it if it is North-East direction, especially when you are getting adequate sunlight and free-flowing air

Scenarios where you should REJECT an apartment even if it is Vastu compliant

  • Example 1- the children’s bedroom in an apartment is well-ventilated, and full of sunlight on…you must reject it! Why would you want to suffocate your kids?
  • Example 2- You are getting a perfect Vastu compliant Kitchen, which is suffocating. There is NO morning sunlight from South-East, since it is blocked on sunlight and free flowing air…you must reject it! Why buy an apartment with a kitchen that’s difficlut to work and cook. If the kitchen does not give you the scientific benefit that Vastu Shastra is built upon, why ACCEPT it? As per Vastu, a kitchen must get lots of sunlight which is healthy for cooking, and kills all kinds of germs and bacteria with ample sunlight. If this condition is NOT met, then while it appears to be Vastu compliant on direction, it does NOT serve the actual tenet of Vastu Shastra!
  • Example 3- Having a Master bedroom in South-West direction is best as per Vastu. But, if the wall on the South as well as West is completely blocked in your chosen apartment, you will simply not get the post-afternoon sunlight! The logic of Vastu Shastra is not met. The scientific benefit that Vastu Shastra wants you to get is not coming your way….you must reject such an apartment! If you master bedroom won’t have sunlight and air, then it is an unhealthy room! Why ACCEPT such a Vastu compliant apartment with a poor Master bedroom that’s uncomfortable?

The fact remains, over 3000 years back when Sage Mamuni Mayan, Thakkar Pheru,  Ramachandra Bhattaraka Kaulachara, and others wrote about Vastu tenets, they did NOT know that human beings will begin living in apartments, which will be a clustered living. So, we must abide by the spirit of Vastu Shastra, and accept an apartment if it takes care of natural light and good ventilation in the rooms. Similarly, we must not accept homes that do not serve the purpose and benefit behind the Vastu Shastra tenets.

To summarise-

  • Going by this scientific logic and intent, Vastu for apartments do NOT apply in its entirety.
  • When you are surrounded by apartments all around you, sunlight and ventilation can NOT be made fully available to you.
  • Vastu tenets may apply only on open plots, and that too, if ‘sunlight’ and ‘ventilation’ (flow of air) remains unrestricted.
  • Vastu Shastra is a very logical science, but it should not be force-fitted into apartments!

This means that we need not be over superstitions and illogical when it comes to apartments being 100% Vastu compliant. There is no such thing!

“Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.”

Bertrand Russell


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