You’re a dog lover and always wanted to own one. However, you live in an apartment rather than an independent house and are worried whether your dog will get enough exercise to burn up all that energy. If you give your dog the care he needs, he’ll be passed out in front of your couch, or on it, every night, exhausted from all the fun he had.
But keeping your dog in an apartment building does mean you will have to invest a bit more energy and spend a little extra time. You can read through the below which will help you and your dog have a happy peaceful experience in an apartment:

Do your research:
You need to research based on what breed you wish to raise as there are certain breeds which thrive in tiny apartments whereas there are a few which don’t do so well. Surprising thing is low energy dogs like great danes, St. Bernards do well when compared to high energy small breed pups. Keep in mind that any individual dog can have a higher or lower energy level than what’s normal for its breed and dogs with high energy are more likely to be destructive when left alone.



Whether it is a spacious 3-4 BHK or a studio apartment, chances are your dog won’t have enough space to burn all that energy. It’s highly important that you take him on daily walks, play fetch throughout the day and frequent dog parks or other enclosed areas so he has an opportunity to run off his leash. Aim for off-leash exercise everyday. This way your dog can burn his or her energy and have a peaceful sleep and not have the “Zoomies” every 30 minutes. Another plus point is, you get out yourself for some exercise along with your dog. Good for you!


Toys and entertainment:

Photo by – Samia Liamani on Unsplash
Dogs require a constant source of physical and mental entertainment to keep them busy. Investing in toys of such kind will take a huge weight off your shoulders as your dog will be busy with the toys and not demand much attention from you. Give the dog a plethora of toys that he can access at any time, and fill it with all kinds of chewing toys, Kongs, squeaky toys, treat dispensers etc. The more things he has to keep himself busy, the less likely you are to come home to your wooden chair missing a leg or floor missing patches of carpet. 


Doggy space:
You need to optimize your apartment to suit the furry buddy you got in. Make sure he also knows which is his space as dogs find it easier to relax and wind down if they have their own space, so make your dog has his own little corner in your apartment. A dog bed, a few toys, and food and water bowls to be placed in his corner to give him a place to retreat when he needs a break. Keep furniture as close to the wall as possible, mount the TV and leave open pathways to each room so he can have ample roaming space. Squeeze the dogs bed into tight areas so it isn’t sitting out in the open. Doing so will also lower the risk of your dog barking his head off while you are away. 


Grooming and vet visits:
Grooming your dog daily will reduce the spread of hair all over your apartment during the dreaded shedding season. Plus your pooch will love being scratched all over with a nice hard comb. Most apartment complexes have a shared outdoor space. If other people and animals are using the common areas, your dog should be up to date on vaccinations and parasite preventatives. Also, if someone ever by chance accuses your dog of biting them, your vaccine records should be up to date.


Potty training and routine:

Balconies and bathrooms are a good place to train your pooch to relieve himself as that is not someplace which cannot be washed easily. However, this should only be there as a back-up since your dog should be trained to relieve himself on his walks. Apart from potty training, general training to sit, give paw, etc are a good way to gain authority over your dog. 


Hoping you and your pooch have a great time living together! 


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