Open-spaces, green-cover and affordability bringing 3 BHK home buyers to Sainikpuri, Yapral locality in Hyderabad

Sainikpuri and Yapral belt is situated in the North-Eastern part of Hyderabad. This locality is turning out to be a crowd-puller for 3 BHK apartment buyers and is increasingly becoming one of the most desirable locations to call home in Hyderabad.

The open spaces, green cover, and affordability factors are attractive even for the Techies who are willing to forgo the lure of Gachibowli or Hi-tech city in favor of Sainikpuri and Yapral locality in Hyderabad.

Long distance no longer an issue!

The folks moving to Yapral and Sainikpuri are no longer deterred by the travel. One of the reasons is the fact that work from home is becoming a regular feature. It is better to be in the soothing environs of Sainikpuri & Yapral surrounded by greenery all around you rather than live in the concrete jungle of the Gachibowli/Madhapur area.

Mr. Abhishay Satuluri, an IT software Engineer says, “While the travel from my home in Sainikpuri to Hitech city” is a little over an hour, that’s not a problem so far as I get to sleep in the soothing and tranquil locality of my home in Sainikpuri locality. I and my parents are happier investing in Sainikpuri locality rather than live in the suffocation of the western hub of Hyderabad.”

Affordability factor of Sainikpuri and Yapral– a big plus!

It is common knowledge that the affordability of the Yapral and Sainikpuri area is like icing on the cake! The rates of good apartments in the Western hub of Hyderabad range from Rs 7,000 to Rs 12,000 per square foot. The rates in Sainikpuri & Yapral are in the range of Rs 4000 to Rs 6000 per square foot.

Clearly, with such affordable rates, the size of roof you can call home is much bigger in Sainikpuri, Yapral area.

Hard to ignore benefits of Sainikpuri and Yapral locality

Besides you get to escape the heavy traffic and pollution of the Western corridor with your home in the North-Eastern part of Hyderabad in Sainikpuri, Yapral belt.

The trend of choosing bugger more spacious homes for a better lifestyle and more space INSIDE the home has picked pace over the last 2 years.

No wonder, you get to see so many projects being offered by standalone apartment builders who offer all the relevant amenities like power back-up (DG Genset), elevators (lifts), exclusive parking, borewells as well as municipal water connection, and security features among other things.

Enviable connectivity and social infrastructure in Sainikpuri & Yapral locality

The connectivity to the Western IT hub is well connected with the outer ring road in Hyderabad. Homebuyers clearly are able to see that in the long run, you would want to get away from crowded areas.


The social infrastructure in and around Sainikpuri & Yapral are top class, and there is virtually nothing that you don’t have access to on shopping, education, entertainment, and healthcare facilities/amenities in and around Sainikpuri, Yapral.

Lucrative elements of Sainikpuri & Yapral areas for home buyers of 3 BHK apartments

Aside from these, there are a few other advantages of living in the lesser crowded locality of Sainikpuri, Yapral are:

1. Spending quality time with nature & family

2. Better ventilation and cleaner air in Sainikpuri, Yapral

3. Increased sense of belongingness with higher connect and community living

4. Better health with areas to walk around

7. Being in a pot pourri of cultures and backgrounds with Armed Forces families, Business people, and other professionals of good social standing

Sainikpuri, Yapral locality gives you a very cosmopolitan feel. Even NRIs prefer to own a home in Sainikpuri & Yapral locality for themselves.

The quiet and peaceful environs of Sainikpuri & Yapral give you a sense of completeness and freedom- which is an optimum combination for superior mental and physical health!

To quote Beth Hart- “If I ever had to choose between having a good mind and good health with having big success, then there’s no contest: I’d put my health first every time.”


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