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4 Simple ways to remain safe by handling home automation carefully!

4 Simple ways to remain safe by handling home automation carefully!

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[ Source- https://staysafeonline.org/blog/keep-smart-home-safe/ ]

Demand for smart homes is gradually rising the world over, and the city of Hyderabad is no exception. With high computer literacy, and being an information technology hub, the residents of Hyderabad need to be aware of some basics to have a safe and secure experience with home automation.

We need to know a few things about how to manage our home automation systems effectively!

Smart homes offer convenience. A smart home allows several devices to be connected with a mobile app of a user. These can be operated remotely. With a fully equipped smart home, you could be controlling your lighting equipment, curtains, security cameras, appliances like refrigerators, heaters, air-conditioning devices, etc. from anywhere in the world.

Besides control, you get the ‘convenience’ which is fascinating. You could be brewing your coffee minutes before you reach home, or control the climate control panels with the thermostat installed in your heating/cooling systems. It’s great to have your home prepared to give you a warm welcome with the right temperature, the coffee waiting for you…and much more just as you are about to enter your home!

Demand for smart and connected homes will only increase at a rapid pace in the years to come. World over, the market for home automation is running in hundreds of billion dollars!

With home automation, the offenders are also geared up for committing cybercrimes by taking advantage of our ignorance or lack of vigilance! Since the gadgets and appliances are all connected in a smart home, a breach in the network by cybercriminals to your homes must be prevented.

In this article, let’s learn about a few ways to remain vigilant about the automation systems of our smart homes.

Steps to prevent hackers from gaining access to your smart home’s network –

1. Always using ‘protected’ devices and appliances at homes

  • Appliances, gadgets, accessories or devices such as thermostats, lighting systems and CCTV cameras are part of a network in your smart home
  • Make sure that these meet security and safety standards used in the world. Most well established brands follow Zigbee or Security 2 transmission protocols
  • Never buy cheaper devices, and expose you home to cyber threats. Cheap devices are not well-equipped with proper security protocols

2. Do not access your smart home network from public wi-fi, instead your protected android or iOS smart phone

  • Smart home systems allow you to remotely control your home gadgets and appliances. Connecting to them via public network over the internet must be avoided since they have poor security protocols. You don’t want hackers sneaking into your home network
  • By using your smartphone, you can prevent the hackers to see your data being sent or received from your smart home

3. Keep your smart phone secured

  • Your smartphone usually acts as a universal remote control in home automation systems, so keep you smartphone secure with a passcode like finger or facial recognition
  • Incase your smart phone is lost, you have certain features in smartphones that can allow you to lock it using remote access even if the phone is in lost state
  • The ‘Find my iPhone’ iOS feature helps you do so effectively
  • Alternatively, you must ‘reset’ the password of your smart home network incase of a compromise situation

4. Smart phones need smart password management

  • Since the appliances or devices are connected with the common network through a Wi-Fi, protecting the wi-fi in itself is important
  • A strong and unique password format helps you be safe
  • One should avoid keeping passwords like date of birth, names, mobile phone number etc. which are risky

One has to be prepared with how the home automation system works before you enjoy the luxury and convenience they offer! Data theft and a security breach can be kept at bay by being aware of these small, yet important elements about home automation.


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