Now that you have decided to look for places in Yapral, you might be wondering what you can do to take a break from life. I’m listing out below few of the things you can do in and around Yapral:

Cafes and Restaurants:

  • Coffee cup: The famous coffee cup has been the go-to place for people of all ages. If you want to go for a coffee or a proper meal, this is the place for you.
  • Second cup: Second cup, located in Neredmet is a good place to catch up with your friends over a cup of coffee or mojito
  • Groove 9: Outdoor seating with random tiny rabbits running around. Since its outdoors, there are a few mosquitoes but other than that, a peaceful place with bunnies!
  • Pot Belly: Craving chinese food? Pot belly could be your next favourite place. Don’t forget to taste their chocolate momos
  • 5th Avenue Bakery: Known to everyone in and around Sainikpuri, this bakery is known for its tasty food

Malls and theaters:

  • Secunderabad Central: Located in Neredmet, central has a wide variety of clothing shops with good discounts all over through the year
  • A.S.Rao Nagar main road: On the stretch of road from Sainikpuri to ECIL, you will find everything from clothing to food. Factory outlets and clothing showrooms take over the roadspace
  • Radhika Asian Cinema: Weekend movie feels? Asian cinema is a small multiplex which can satisfy your theatrical needs. Good food as well. 

Hope this helps you get an understanding of the stuff you can do when living in Yapral. 

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