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Tips to identifying the best location in Hyderabad to buy your 3 BHK flat

Tips to identifying the best location in Hyderabad to buy your 3 BHK flat

While considering buying your dream home in a city like Hyderabad, some home buyers are faced with the dilemma where to buy the apartment. We get to hear various stories about the confusion and constraint home buyers face while trying to freeze on the perfect location.

In this article we shall focus on two important elements

1. Which area do you really love in Hyderabad? OR What type of area would put a smile on your face?

2. Does the locality/area close to your heart allow you to meet your family demands? OR Does it make sense for you to choose a certain area given your family situation/issues?

best location in hyderabad for 3bhk

4 Scenarios to help simplify finding the right location in Hyderabad for your 3 BHK flat or bigger apartment

Let’s simplify this further by taking four scenarios

Scenario 1 Mr. ABC works in Madhapur area, but was born and brought-up in Mehdipatnam area. He feels good about Mehdipatnam, but his children are studying in school, and his daily commute to work at Madhapur is getting difficult. Plus, the children are also likely to get educated, and pick up jobs around Hi-Tech city, I.T. Hub. He wants to buy a home. What should he do?

Scenario 2 Mr. DEF works in Banjara Hills, and was born and brought-up in another state, but fell in love with Hyderabad. The children are going to an International school, and love the vibe of the Jubilee Hills. They also love the lifestyle, eating joints and shopping hubs that are in easy reach. Right now they live in a rented house near Kondapur. If they have to buy a home, what should be their ideal location?

Scenario 3 Ms. HIG works in Uppal area, and her husband also works around Tarnaka. The children are grown up, and work in a different city. They do not have a chance of coming back to live with their parents. They don’t like this area, and instead want to move further away from the hustle and bustle of the city. What is a good location for them?

Scenario 4 Ms. KLM works in A.S Rao Nagar, and lives in Sainikpuri/Yapral belt. Husband owns a shop in Sainikpuri area. The children are settled, married and work USA. They visit parents once a year during Christmas, and hold citizenship of the foreign country. Which is the best location for them considering the scenario?

Best location in hyderabad

The 4-blocker grid depicted above is self-explanatory. It makes it easy for one to decide and zero-in on the BEST location with a sensible and clear thought-process.

Based on the gird above.

Scenario 1 falls in Quadrant III of the grid- Mr ABC should make a practical choice and take a home near the IT hub, Gachobowli, Kutakpally, Nallagandla and adjoining areas

Scenario 2 falls in Quadrant I of the grid- Mr DEF should buy a home around 5-7 Kms of Jubilee Hills on either side, depending on their social and lifestyle needs

Scenario 3 falls in Quadrant IV of the grid, and could buy their home in areas like A.S.Rao Nagar, Sainikpuri, Yapral, Kukatpally, Nallagandla or similar places of their liking, and the kind of gentry they prefer

Scenario 4 falls in Quadrant II of the grid, and could buy a home in Sainikpuri where they have been living for so long, and have their business in

Learnings on picking the ‘Best location’ of 3 BHK unit in Hyderabad

What we learn here is:

1. Location depends on your own preference and family situation you are in

2. Think long-term while buying your 3 BHK or bigger home

3. Factor in the implications of your location on your well-being, your children’s future, and take a practical decision

4. Be practical considering the ‘ageing factor’ of yourself, your parents and your children 5. What makes a location good or bad is YOU. No one else can decide this for you.

picking best location in hyderabad for 3bhk  flat

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“It’s all about the quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.”

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