bathroom storage ideas

bathroom storage ideas: 5 storage and space-utilization ideas to get the most out of your Indian bathroom!

Storage in apartments always remains a challenge regardless of how spacious they are. Every room in the apartment must be utilized optimally to create provision for storage and better space-utilization. Storage managed well and beautifully, can make life convenient and comfortable for your family members.

The same applies to a bathroom. We must make the most of the opportunity to get the best out of our bathroom. Using the bathroom must be delight, convenient, and highly functional. This can happen when storage is well managed.

All the members of the family have different needs while using the bathroom, and you need proper and well-planned bathroom storage ideas to cater to them.

bathroom storage ideas

1. Storage area in vanity

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  • bathroom vanity is a combination of a sink and storage structure around it
  • A vanity unit is an excellent storage unit. It is a piece of bathroom furniture that usually combines a sink, countertop, and mirror
  • A bathroom vanity can be much more than just storage features
  • Modern vanities can also incorporate lighting, architectural styling options with built-in shelves for better storage combines with aesthetics
  • It is better not to opt for a floating or pedestal sink if you are looking for storage
  • Bathroom vanity with drawers or an integrated cupboard adds storage to your bathroom
  • If the bathroom is too small, then go for open shelves under the sink instead of swinging doors, because swinging doors occupy more space

2. Choose a mirror with a medicine or toiletries cabinet

GODMORGON Mirror cabinet with 2 doors, mirror glass, 100x14x96 cm

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GODMORGON Mirror cabinet with 2 doors, mirror glass, 100x14x96 cm

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  • Choose a mirror with a medicine or toilet box behind it
  • This mirror with storage shelves can add a lot of space to keep things like soaps, various lotion or creams, bottles, medicine, and many other daily use items
  • A cabinet behind the mirror helps generate precious and convenient storage without occupying floor space!

3. Having an Over-the-Door shelf

Post Image
Post Image
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Bathroom storage ideas – 29 bathroom storage hacks and solutions

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  • Space over the door is unused and can be used to keep guest towels, decorations, and other items that you don’t need on a daily basis
  • You could keep boxes, and even keep your toiletries, or things that are required sparingly

4. Using the back of the door to hang towels


[Source- https://decoratedlife.com/ ]

  • You can space the space wall, and instead use the door only if it does not slam against the wall
  • The back of the door can be used for towel racks or hooks
  • Multiple towel racks can be hung vertically

5. Over the Toilet spaces

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Over The Toilet Shelves: Think Inside The Box With Bathroom Ideas

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Espresso Bathroom Space Saver with 3 Fixed Shelves, Mainstays over the Toilet Storage

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  • You can add shelves or customized furniture to use the spaces above the WC
  • This looks aesthetic and gives a lot of storage area
  • Shelving units that fits over the toilet are a great option
  • Floating shelves and additional cabinets can also be used
  • Accessories to hang clothes and towels include hooks, shelves, towels racks

The whole idea is to make life comfortable with a keen eye for convenience and aesthetics!

“I’m O.K. having a comfortable life. I don’t have to live in a mansion and drive Aston Martins or Ferraris.”



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