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Can an apartment really give the ‘feel of an independent bungalow’ to the buyer of a 3BHK flat in Hyderabad?

The answer to this question is YES! But, not with cluster-living apartments where you have 2, 3, or more apartments on the same floor plate.

This feel of an ‘independent home’ is possible only with ‘one apartment per floor’!

Fortunately, in Hyderabad, we have many builders who take up plot sizes between 400 square yards to 700 square yards to craft stunning villa-like spacious apartments on these small residential plots.

These feel like a villa since you OWN THE ENTIRE floor!

These exclusive, independent floors usually come in 5 storeys, 5 homes format in a standalone building. The ground floor of these buildings is being reserved for parking. Besides this, these ‘exclusive independent floors’ are decidedly more expensive as compared to regular apartments owing to the luxury element viz. high-end elevator-access (lifts), plus, the high-end specifications of everything that goes into the making of the building.

Clearly, the home buyer of this ‘independent floor’ segment pays more than the ‘regular apartment buyers’.

These discerning customers aspire for luxury to ooze out of every element of their exclusive home like elevators, flooring, finishing, doors, windows, kitchen top, fixtures, accessories, electricals, plumbing, etc.

5 reasons why ‘one apartment per floor’ residences give an ‘independent-villa’ feel are-

1. Four sides open to sky

  • These homes are open from all four sides, with doors and windows all around, so unlike regular apartments, you get to enjoy the natural light and good ventilation from all directions- akin to ‘independent bungalows/villas’
  • When you peep out of the window of your ‘independent floor’, you get to see low-rise buildings around you, just like the view you get from an independent bungalow

2. No neighbours around you on the same floor to intrude into your privacy

  • You have complete and uninterrupted privacy on ‘your floor’
  • No disturbance since you can live unseen and unrestricted by neighbours
  • Freedom to move around you corridor
  • As soon as you exit out of the lift, you are on your private land of tranquillity even while you are strolling in your own corridor

3. Big homes upwards of 2200 sft in green environs of well-established colonies

  • Just like independent bungalows, these homes are much bigger and spacious inviting an air of breeziness
  • For instance, in colonies like Sainikpuri, these homes are available in 2300 sft and upwards, surrounded with a luscious green tree-cover all around the colonies

4. Car-parking within you own compound wall, and clear elevator-access to your own floor

  • You get to park your car within your own compound (in the ground floor) just like an independent home
  • The moment you get out of the car, you get to the elevator that takes you straight to you private floor with lesser visitor population to encounter
  • This is a great feeling, especially, when you are entertaining guests or family in your own private haven

5. 100% Vastu compliance possible with all four sides open

  • Unlike regular apartments which are surrounded by neighbours or adjoining towers, ‘Vastu compliance’ is possible because the four sides are ‘open to sky’ with ‘no common-walls or obstructions’
  • As a result, Vastu can actually apply in these ‘independent homes’

All these elements make the ‘one apartment per floor’ homes stand out in the crowd of apartments! This is something that’s just NOT possible with regular apartments built in a cluster-living configuration.

Choosing to live in an ‘independent floor’ residence is the closest you can get to living in an independent home.

In fact, these ‘exclusive residences’ strike the perfect balance to get you the advantages of both an ‘independent home’, and the ‘goodness of an apartment’. With the ‘entire floor to yourself’, you get the best of both worlds!


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