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‘Regular 3BHK flats’ Vs. ‘One apartment per floor’ 3BHK units in standalone buildings

Here we are looking at the two residential offerings in the ‘standalone building’ segment viz.

  • Regular apartments
  • ‘One apartment per floor’- independent floor apartments

Basically, both these configurations are built as part of standalone building apartments constructed in smaller plot holdings.

Regular apartments are made on plot sizes of 1000 square yards to 2000 square yards.

Whereas, the ‘one apartment per floor’ units are made on smaller plots sizes admeasuring 400 to 700 square yards.

The basic difference

Both these apartment types are made in standalone buildings, which are low-rise with ground plus 5-storey format. However, there are significant differences between the two.

One major difference is the price– the ‘one apartment per floor’ units are more spacious, and more expensive by at least 20% (cost-wise) than the regular apartments.

standalone buildings

‘Standalone building residences’ versus ‘large gated community apartments’

However, both these configurations are offered in a standalone building, and they still tend to be more economically priced as compared to large gated community complexes. It is the add-ons (facilities, parking, and amenities) because of which the price of apartments/houses in a gated community residential complexes goes up. The builders in such large apartment complexes are required to provide for internal roads, parking options, and a horde of amenities which may include a gym, a clubhouse, play-courts for different sports, open lawns, visitors parking, etc.

How are standalone buildings beneficial for the home-buyers?

In a standalone building, you save on this excess burden of amenities that you may not even use. Plus, post-pandemic, homebuyers, in general, are preferring to have more space inside the house rather than paying for not-so-relevant amenities.

Let us discuss the difference between ‘regular apartments’ and exclusive ‘one apartment per floor’ residences in the standalone building segment.

‘Gated community apartments’ vs. ‘standalone building apartments’- both in standalone building segment

Regular 3BHK apartments (in standalone buildings)

‘Independent floor’ 3 BHK apartments (in standalone buildings)

You have neighbours on the floor- 2, 3, 4, or more apartments on a single floor connected with a corridor

You own the entire floor. So, no neighbours, no disturbance, more tranquility, greater peace

Lesser privacy as you use common areas, and even common walls

Complete privacy, and no need to worry about neighbours

Need to keep noise levels down, and not disturb the neighbours

No such constraint, since you are free to move around your home and corridor, or even talk aloud or make noise

Common walls mean that the amount of light and ventilation is not complete

All four sides are open since you own the entire floor

Vastu compliance is NOT possible, because all four directions- East, West, North & South are NOT open

100% Vastu compliance is possible. It is just like living in an independent house

You have more visitor traffic since owners and visitors use the elevator

The visitor is minimal since only 5 families live in the entire building

Usually less spacious between 1400 to 2000 square feet super built-up area

Usually more spacious- more than 2000 sft

The target segment is usually cost-conscious middle class

The target customer is a premium segment who want more, and are interested in status & lifestyle

High-end fittings & accessories, but usually mid-segment

High-end fittings & accessories ranging from mid to luxury segment

You get a feel of an apartment in a regular apartment

You get a ‘villa-like feel

To explain with an example- In a locality like Sainikpuri, Yapral- a regular 3 BHK apartment measuring 1600 sft may cost Rs4000 to Rs5000 per sft, totaling Rs 65-70 lacs. A ‘one apartment per floor’ 3 BHK in Sainikpuri, Yapral measuring 2200 sft will cost between Rs 5500 to Rs 6500 per sft, totaling Rs 1.3 crore to Rs 1.5 crore.

Both ‘regular apartments’ and ‘one apartment per floor’ home options are good in their own right depending on what you seek!

After all, “…the ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home!” [Jeff Lincoln]


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