Indian Economy growth trends indicate a promising future for Real Estate in India

Indian Economy growth trends indicate a promising future for Real Estate in India

This is a perspective on the Economic indicators of India which indicate a resultant strong growth in the Real Estate sector in India as well.

It is important to read this in conjunction with a view of what all these numbers mean for the Real Estate sector. It simply means that if India grows, so will the Real Estate sector in India.

Facts and figures about Indian Economy growth indicate a promising future for Real Estate

  1. Young India is increasingly getting large digitally enabled, be it payments or internet usage for entertainment and business use
  2. The middle class in India is all geared up for growth and change
  3. Skills and capabilities of the workforce are being developed to drive innovation, thereby spurring growth
  4. Capabilities for growth and new solutions are being developed across industries with high entrepreneurial growth. India ranks 3rd in the global start-up ecosystem with over 50,000 start-ups, with 15% Year-on-Year growth per year
  5. India with a 1.25 billion population has Corporate and business communities to create goods and services for a huge market
  6. Entrepreneurs benefit from this huge consumer market by providing products and services to the society
  7. India is fast emerging as a vibrant place with more and more youth exploring the entrepreneurial journey
  8. Now solutions and businesses are being provided for sectors of the Indian economy like education, healthcare, agriculture, financial services, power, manufacturing, retail, urbanization, digital and physical connectivity
  9. India is quick to adopt technological changes and sustainability challenges in virtually all sectors of the Economy
  10. This means India is no longer a developing country, but a country that’s fast embracing development
  11. Indian Central and State governments are out to create national platforms that improve the ‘ease of doing business’
  12. Indians score very high on intellect, energy, and creativity being a young nation poised for rapid growth
  13. India currently stands at over 3 trillion USD. In fact, over the last 2 decades, the GDP has grown resulting in strong demand and consumption by the Indian middle class
  14. India could well be clocking a GDP growth of approximately 9% per year. This will make India a 10 trillion USD Economy over the to become a US$10tr economy over the next 2 decades
  15. India is likely to create 10-12 million jobs every year in the next 1 decade. This will mean better quality of life, and that, in turn, will mean higher growth of Indian Real estate
  16. By 2035, the middle class in India alone will be approximately 1 billion strong, and they will drive the Economic growth of India because of their rising aspirations

[Source- ‘The Winning Leap]

[Source- ‘The Winning Leap’]

  • India will be Asia’s third-largest economy and leaps toward a net-zero target (on climate change). This means removing as many emissions as we produce to avert climate breakdown
  • In the reference pathway, the Indian economy grows at a long-term compound annual growth rate of around five percent between 2020 to 2050, reaching approximately US$15 trillion (in 2018 dollars) 

All these facts and figures suggest that the Real Estate scenario of India is poised for a stupendous growth, and investing in Real Estate in Indian cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, NCR, Chennai, Kolkata and more will be bear consistent and rewarding capital appreciation. All the Economic indicators and future trends suggest a better quality of life for the average Indian.

“We shouldn’t measure everything in terms of GDP figures or economics. There is something called quality of life.”

– Nigel Farage

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