bungalow vs independent floor apartment

A 3BHK spacious ‘independent floor apartment’ could be a viable alternative to an ‘independent bungalow’ in Sainikpuri, Hyderabad!

An independent bungalow in Sainikpuri would cost approximately Rs 3 crore, whereas an

‘Independent floor apartment’ would cost almost half of that price i.e. well within Rs 1.5 crore range. The price advantage is evident, but let’s dwell a bit more on other reasons!

The question is- What makes an exclusive floor a compelling option for those scouting for a home in Sainikpuri?

This article is especially relevant for those who are contemplating constructing an ‘independent bungalow’ in Sainikpuri, and are open to evaluating other VALUE-FOR-MONEY and LUXURY options!

Here, let us evaluate both options- “independent bungalow” vis-à-vis “independent floor exclusive apartment” with specific reference to Sainikpuri locality in Secunderabad (Hyderabad).

The table below gives a list of reasons and comparisons to help the home buyer gain a deeper perspective, and make a decision that is most suitable!

Independent bungalow

Exclusive floor apartment

Independent bungalow means one has to buy the land, get the approvals from civic authorities, get an architect to plan, and get a builder or structural engineer to take the contract to make the residence

An exclusive floor is provided by a builder. These come in a 5-storey building configuration, with 5 apartments along with all the modern amenities like power-back-up and elevator access to each floor

A 400 square yard plot in Sainikpuri along with cost of constructing a 2200 to 2500 sft home- Rs 2.8 to 3.2 crore approximately

A 400 square yard plot with an ‘independent floor apartment’ in Sainikpuri would cost approximately Rs 1.5 crore for a 2300 sft residence

The specifications and quality of construction depend on the home owner, who may go with the advice of an architect or contractor to construct the home. The choice of specifications are also determined by the owner. Not a standardized approach to construction. May get unprofessional during execution

The approach to construction is standardized, especially with professional builders who bring together all the professional resources. The pre-construction rigour like soil-testing, anti-termite treatment, provision of borewell water etc. is provided by a professional builder

The cost of relevant amenities depend on the budget. The owner may get stretched on budget to incorporate things like elevator (lift), security, power back-up, and overall specifications

Die to better affordability, you have the advantage of COLLECTIVE sharing of relevant amenities. 5 families living together makes it easier to manage and afford amenities like elevator, power back-up, security, well-managed security system (guards), water and electricity arrangements etc.

The buyer who opts for an independent bungalow must have a comfortable budget (twice compared to exclusive-floor budget) to get all the amenities. The cost-burden is surely higher. Plus, the focus tends to shift on ownership of residential land. This may lead to a compromise on the expectations and needs of the family due to a stretched budget or other reasons

Clearly, the family needs are met. The focal point with an ‘exclusive floor’ home is what the spaces offer to each family members. Designs are professionally thought-out, and cater to the needs of work-from-home, study, wellness (health & exercise) and entertainment requirements of all family members

The owner has freehold ownership of the land as well as the home built on it. This is a luxury that comes at a cost

The ownership of an ‘exclusive apartment’ is shared between 5 families. The luxury element is NOT compromised because once you take the elevator, and land on the corridor of your floor, YOU OWN THE ENTIRE FLOOR!

Privacy is extremely high, since you are the only one living in the independent bungalow

The privacy is equally good, since you do NOT have neighbours on the same floor. One still needs to respect the other 4 families since elevator and stairs are used by all the 5 families

You are alone in the building, so social connect depends on you connecting with neighbours residing in adjacent plots or your own social-circle

Here, the social connect is high since you have other 4 families living in the same compound

You have the exclusivity of living in a low-density area

The low-density living advantage comes here as well

The views are limited since it depends on making a duplex or higher floors. The clean and green environs of Sainikpuri make it attractive having an independent bungalow all to yourself

The views upwards of 1st floor get better. With the green cover of Sainikpuri around, you get an excellent feel of bountiful nature and green-cover the moment you are on the 1st floor and beyond

100% Vastu compliance is possible since you are living in a home constructed on an independent plot. Vastu does NOT apply to regular-apartments since, there is clear access to sunlight with 2, 3 or more apartments on the same floor plate

In ‘exclusive-floor residence’ 100% Vastu compliance is possible, unlike regular apartments. The reason is that, just like independent bungalows, an ‘exclusive-floor’ living gives you access to space (ventilation) and sunlight with all four sides ‘open to sky’. This happens because you are in a standalone-building with no common walls to obstruct sunlight and air-flow

You get to maintain and provide for amenities on you own. While you like in an independent home, you do NOT get the advantages of ‘apartment living’ like collective sharing of amenities and luxuries

Here the advantages of collective living and burden of sharing all the luxury-elements come in. You get the advantages of ‘apartment living’, yet you enjoy the benefits of having your own sky-villa since you OWN THE ENTIRE FLOOR!

If you are looking for the best of both worlds- the advantages of ‘apartment living’ blended with ‘thrill of a bungalow’, you get that only with ‘ONE APARTMENT PER FLOOR’ exclusive-floors. These give you the ‘same for much less’ in terms of budget. These spacious give you lots of SPACE INSIDE THE HOUSE, and THAT MATTERS! You are able to cater to your family needs better, with superior specifications provided you choose to go with a professional builder in Sainikpuri.

Not having to spend more on buying a residential plot, and then constructing an independent bungalow is a tedious activity.

The ‘ONE APARTMENT PER FLOOR’ homes at half the price is a very sensible option available in Sainikpuri that offers ‘value for money’ as well as ‘luxury’ to discerning home buyers!

To quote John Caudwell- “I’m known for value for money. I was brought up to be frugal, and it’s definitely a factor in my success. I was born in the Fifties, which was a frugal era, and my family had to be very careful with money out of necessity.”


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