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Is Buying an Apartment With One or More Balconies Really Worth It?

Is Buying an Apartment With One or More Balconies Really Worth It?

The importance and benefits of balconies has been felt beyond a doubt, especially with the lockdowns imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing put limitations on peoples’ movement, and this is where an apartment with balconies came to peoples’ lives to rescue them from boredom, stress and mental fatigue!

The sudden switch over to at-home work and studies resulted in families spending more time under the roof. This is when a balcony adjacent to your living or bedroom became the most desirable element of an apartment living. Those who owned an apartment with a balcony got the much-needed access to the outer-world in an instant.

balconies  give you access to simple yet important joys

Even otherwise, a balcony gives you a chance to be inside the home, and yet get closer to nature. Being able to look at the blue skies, the trees, the roads and the surroundings of your locality is blissful. You could immerse yourself into the skyline that your balcony provides, which includes uninterrupted access to the green-cover around you.

A balcony gives you access to simple yet important joys in with a tremendous therapeutic value!

Balcony: a getaway space that secures wellbeing of your family

  • If you are not buying an independent home, it means you won’t have a backyard or a garden to step-out to gather fresh air, or stare at the vast expanse of clear blue skies
  • Balconies give you the much needed respite in an apartment, and becomes the most exhilarating and mentally refreshing place in your apartment
  • When you know that you are in a high-rise apartment, frequent access to outdoors become lesser, and limited indoor space becomes overbearing
  • Having a balcony gives you that much needed ‘get away’ space. You can get away from your family, take your work phone-calls from balcony, step out to the balcony for a tea or coffee break, or just gaze at the skies
  • Apartments with balconies are great for mental health– particularly in avoiding stress, anxiety, or fighting loneliness or depression
  • A balcony is like the spa for mental health, and to avoid signs of ‘cabin fever’ which you feel when you are enclosed inside the home

What more can a ‘balcony’ do for you?

1. Getting together with neighbours across balconies

 balconies help keep the community spirit alive
  • Positive experience of bringing people together with neighbours across your balconies
  • It’s like a platform to your sense of community living, since you can see and even speak with people around you
  • New friendships can also flourish across balconies
  • Rather than just say a quick ‘hello’ in the elevator, while standing in your balcony, you can actually talk to each other safely and for long
  • A balcony helps keep the community spirit alive and evident
  • A balcony allows you to get together separately on your balcony and enjoy events like singing, exercise etc. from your own personal space (balcony)

2. Plant life in your balcony adds cheer to your surroundings

  • Hanging planters allows you to get closer with nature
  • You can use the walls of your balcony to create vertical gardens to give you more space on the floor
  • You could even have creepers or a kitchen garden, and pursue the hobby of nurturing your plants, and seeing them grow and blossom
  • Being able to pluck herbs out of your own planters, and using them in kitchen gives you an immense joy besides adding to the flavours to your dishes
hanging plants in balconies

3. Balcony space ideal for multi-tasking, getting refreshed frequently

  • A balcony actually acts as yet another room of your apartment
  • Besides being your mini-garden, your apartment gives you lovely outdoors with minimalistic furniture
  • A balcony can your place to read, refresh and rejuvenate

4. Makes apartment seem bigger with natural light and fresh air

  • With the doors to balcony open, the apartment begins extends into the balcony
  • More sunlight and ventilation brightens up your apartment
  • Adds cheer to the all-enclosed rooms

In a nutshell, an apartment with a balcony is a blessing that adds both wellness and cheer to your life!

“Cheerfulness is the charm of life.”

Lailah Gifty Akita


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