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5 Things to Check Before Buying an Apartment in a ‘Standalone Building’ at Hyderabad!

5 Things to Check Before Buying an Apartment in a ‘Standalone Building’ at Hyderabad!

With so many builders offering ‘standalone building apartments’ it is extremely important that you take the right steps to check the ‘quality’ of your home in Hyderabad.

The key to buying a good apartment worth your money is ‘knowing what and how to check‘ when it comes to quality. This means we need to be aware of what all goes into the making of a standalone
building apartment. Once we are aware of the basics, we will not fallinto the trap of a sub-standard apartment!

A. ‘Quality costs’!

The most important thing to understand is that ‘quality costs’, and anything that’s too cheap cannot be the best! Many low-quality builders beat the prices by offering irresistible low-price that are too good to
refuse. These deals are only to lure you and to fit into your low-budget, and come at the cost of giving you a poor quality, inferior, and sub-standard apartment home. Now, that’s a bad deal to go for!

This is a point most home buyers miss! The craze of getting a good pricing deal blinds even the most wise people. The simply forget or ignore to look into the ‘quality aspect’. The result of this costly mistake is a poor quality home that begins looking worn-out much sooner than you expect.

Plus, a sub-standard apartment does not get you the right resale price after a few years. So, eventually it turns out to be a poor investment that’s just not worth it! Plus, your family is not happy living in a home that reeks of bad quality!

Why does quality cost more? It’s simple- when it comes to using good quality cement, the top branded cement costs almost 30% to 40% more than some other low-end cement brands. The same goes for steel,
which makes for a bulk of your construction costs. The question is: do we even bother to ask about these? Do they matter to us?

The builder knows about the lack of knowledge and interest a home buyer has in quality aspect. Plus, a builder who is only focussed in cutting costs and price will have no moral obligation to give you the best

We need to understand that good quality is long lasting and far more sturdy! More important- it’s worth paying a few lacs more if you get an overall superior quality home.

By being ‘aware’ of what goes into the making of an apartment, you can check if the tall claims of your builder are true or not. The false or misleading claims of a builder get exposed just by knowing the right
questions to ask regarding construction.

So, before you book your apartment, ask the right questions.

B. Evaluating your ‘standalone building’ apartment in Hyderabad: checks to perform!

1. Existing projects delivered by builder of a standalone building

Existing projects already delivered by the builder with RERA & GHMC approvals are an indicator to tell you how the standalone building is build. Another thing is to just visit the existing project.

The building speaks with you about its own quality as you walk into an existing delivered project. One visit to previous projects, and a casual chat with existing owners is enough to get you a perspective.

Reputation of a builder must be a factor while buying your home. You must not be swayed away only by impressive marketing efforts. A well-marketed home does not mean it’s a high-quality home.

2. Professionalism, customer-orientation and discipline of a builder

Check if the builder delivered on the possession timelines. The feedback by occupants of previous projects will expose you to all that you need to know. It is better to learn from others’ experience rather
than going ahead blindly without checking on the veracity of a builder’s claims.

Similarly, the good points will give you the assurance to go ahead with a professional builder. It’s simple- timely possession of a project by a builder speaks volumes about the trustworthiness of a standalone
building builder.

Positive or negative feedback by existing occupants of the previously delivered projects will ease your decision process backed by validation. Nothing speaks louder than the truth!

3. Check on specifications- ‘claims versus reality’

Specifications are specified by all the builders about the kind of materials, fittings and fixtures they will use in making your home. You need to pay attention to the brands being used for sanitaryware, bath & kitchen fittings, external/internal paint, UPVC doors/windows, elevators, DG Gen-set, water connections,
sewage system, electricity connection etc.

Knowledge of the ‘brands’ of various materials helps us know what kind of quality is being put-together in our standalone apartment.

This is important because sometime good-looking low-quality gets offered to us, which eventually wears-off over a period of time.

While checking on brands, our focus must to know which are the most reliable, durable and preferred brands on various construction materials.

A thorough understanding of sturdy brands of elevators/lifts, Diesel gen-sets, long-lasting paints etc. matters!

Inside the house, electricals is an important element, where knowledge of different brands of electrical circuits, MCB, wiring and switches determines the quality a builder is offering.

4. Construction basics and construction-materials

The most basic elements are cement and TMT bars being used. These need to be good quality. Good quality cement, a professionally done construction, branded TMT bars, good quality bricks, plastering, thickness of the columns, roof & beams speaks volumes about how robust the standalone building is.

An efficient and well thought-out design also makes a building strong. The building must also conform to Earthquake resistant standards. 

Active involvement of a qualified architect and structural engineer during every step of the construction process is a must if the house has to be made safely complying to ‘National Building Code – Bureau of Indian Standards’.

5. Pre-construction rigour

The builder must be truly committed to making construction based upon soil-testing report. Undertaking measures to secure the building against termites by engaging in a thorough anti-termite treatment are also a must.

Soil quality differs within the city of Hyderabad, and the type of construction materials used must be determined based on the ‘soil test report’.

For instance, if the soil type is highly corrosive, the builder is required to use high-grade anti-corrosive steel (TMT bars). You must ask for the ‘soil test report’, and ask the builder ‘what measures were taken to carry-on construction as per the soil-type’

Similarly, a 5-stage anti-termite treatment done at the foundation stage right through the construction phase helps keep the building free of deadly termites.


As a home buyer of a standalone building in Hyderabad, we need to be conscious about quality, and gain adequate knowledge about which materials, fixtures and accessories reflect ‘superior quality’.

This way, you end up securing a dream home that’s truly worth your hard-earned money!

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

–  William A. Foster

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