Is a 3BHK builder floor home in Hyderabad really worth buying?

Is a 3BHK builder floor home in Hyderabad really worth buying?

Small-scale builders in Hyderabad are increasingly offering 3bhk builder floors (exclusive floors) that are built on small residential plots. These are generally more expensive than regular standalone building apartments or sometimes even gated-community apartments.

The question is: why do the exclusive floors normally cost more than clustered apartments although they seemingly score low on amenities?

Obviously, when you buy an exclusive floor in any locality in Hyderabad, you get the entire floor to yourself. Also, this home offers seemingly fewer and basic amenities like elevator access (lift), power back-up (DG set), and a parking slot for your car. Unlike gated community high-rise projects, you don’t get any gymnasium, clubhouse, sports facilities, or gardens.

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The question that arises: why are they priced higher than regular apartments in standalone buildings or gated-community projects in the same locality?

For example- in Sainikpuri, a standalone building regular apartment may cost anything between Rs 4000 to Rs 4800. However, the ‘exclusive floor’ (builder floor) costs between Rs 5500 to Rs 7000. Why? Is it worth buying it?

Let us explore the answer to this. It remains for you to determine what matters to you-

1. Exclusivity of ‘one-apartment-per-floor’

3bhk builder floor homes in Hyderabad
  • Exclusive floors (or builder floors) in Hyderabad are usually built in a 5-storey configuration as approved by the GHMC
  • The ground floor is usually meant for parking, and then you have ‘one apartment per floor’where you own the floor completely!
  • You get to your own floor in an elevator (lift)
  • The elevator is not crowded unlike a high-rise apartment that can go beyond 30 floors

2. You get to own a large chunk of land of the residential plot land where the 5-storey building is built

  • You are the owner of a large chunk of land on which the standalone building is constructed
  • For instance, if the 5-storey exclusive floors are built on a plot of 360 square yards, you get 72 square yards in your name
  • This 75 square yards in the example above is a massive piece of property as compared to much smaller shares that you get with a high-rise apartment

3. 3BHK builder floor: The specifications are usually better than regular apartments

. 3BHK builder floor: The specifications are usually better than regular apartments
  • Small scale builders are offering specifications that match and even surpass those in high-rise apartments, hence the higher price
  • These units are meant for those seeking more luxury inside the apartment
  • The quality and luxury elements can get better depending on what you seek
  • Even a higher level of tailor-made customization is possible to enhance the luxe element of your 3bhk builder floor

4. Feels like a villa with an ‘exclusive elevator’ taking you to your floor

  • With all four sides open-to-sky (North, South, East, West), you have clear access to natural light and ventilation
  • This is something not possible with cluster-living in an apartment

5. Low density living at its best

  • Exclusive floor units are low in population…only 5 families reside in these 5-storeys
  • Social distancing norms are automatically taken care of when you live in an area that’s not too crowded
  • The influx of visitors is also minimal with exclusive floors
  • With modern security equipment, you can regulate the movement of visitors in and out of the building

6. Social infrastructure and location of these are usually better

3BHK builder floor -Social infrastructure and location of these are usually better
  • The location is usually much better than high-rise or cluster-apartment areas, since those who pay more get a better deal on location
  • The daily necessities including schools, colleges, external high-end gymnasiums/pools, etc are usually very nearby
  • So, you don’t really miss out by not being in a gated community
  • On the other hand, you end up getting the best for yourself as you can choose things you need at a close distance

7. Higher return on investment in case of resale or investment

  • Clearly, with the high status and exclusive life quotient, these exclusive floors appreciate faster and more than regular apartments
  • The gentry that comes to life in these is also from a higher financial background, and are looking for better things in life
  • The capital appreciation is natural because of the location and luxury element that’s inbuilt into these exclusive floors

8. Gets more out of spaces under their roof

3bhk builder floor- Gets more out of spaces under their roof
  • You end up paying for more space under the roof rather than using your money for amenities like gymnasium, swimming pool, etc. that you may not use that frequently
  • It ends up being money well spent should you choose an exclusive floor that offers more space inside the house!

9. Superior privacy, status, and lifestyle

  • The biggest of amenities seem stunted in front of a life with privacy, a home that speaks of your ‘social status, and a place where you can experience a better lifestyle
  • An exclusive floor(a builder floor) offers you just that!

An exclusive floor is for the discerning few ‘quality of life’ better for their home buyers!

“It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.”

Philip Green

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