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3 blunders that occur due to over-obsession with Vastu- a sensible perspective for 3 BHK apartment buyers in Hyderabad!

3 blunders that occur due to over-obsession with Vastu– a sensible perspective for 3 BHK apartment buyers in Hyderabad!

Vastu Shastra, for many, is the single MOST IMPORTANT consideration that sometimes goes to the extent of superstition compounded by fear of ‘non-compliance. Homebuyers in Hyderabad and various other Indian cities are scared to have bad luck and ills befalling their loved ones.

Some of the fear-mongering Vastu pundits and even literature on Vastu leave no leaves unturned to propagate and fuel this fear. The gullible home buyers avoid inviting the wrath of the Gods and give in to complying even if they don’t believe.

This article is meant only for those who understand the logic of Vastu as envisaged by the proponents of Vastu Shastra like Sage Mamuni Mayan, Thakkar Pheru,  Ramachandra Bhattaraka Kaulachara among others.

3 mistakes that are caused by an over-obsession with Vastu are-

1. Rejecting homes that well-ventilated, well-lit up spaces on account of strict adherence to Vastu tenets

  • Home buyers MUST NOT reject homes that have well lit-up spaces, regardless of what Vastu says
  • First check if ‘benefits’ of Vastu are even coming to you?
    • For instance, if we are getting a guest or children’s bedroom that’s well-ventilated, and full of sunlight on South-East, why reject? As per Vastu, South-East is meant for Kitchen. Also, if the kitchen is located in North-East, why reject it so far as you are getting adequate sunlight and free-flowing air?
  • Similarly, let’s take an example of a perfect Vastu compliant Kitchen, which is suffocating:
    • If it is a perfect Vastu compliant kitchen, and there is NOT access to morning sunlight from South-East. Infact, South-East corner of your proposed flat is completely blocked on sunlight and free flowing air, should you still buy that apartment? It is Vastu compliant, since South-East direction is the best for kitchen, BUT IT DOES NOT SERVE ANY PURPOSE. It does NOT give you the scientific benefit that Vastu Shastra is built upon, because it does NOT kill bacteria and give you early morning sunlight. That’s unhealthy! Why ACCEPT such a Vastu compliant home?

2. Willingness to buy and live in 100% Vastu compliant homes that are NOT pleasing & comfortable to live-in for 3 BHK apartments

  • Actually sometimes, you get a Vastu design with dark and dingy bedrooms, which cause illness and poor health. These darker areas of the apartment may be modified for more light and ventilation, and may NOT be appropriate for a bedroom
  • At times, designs of 3 BHK apartments are made to give you more sunlight and better ventilation. Instead of appreciating the benefits, we end up REJECTING these apartments because Vastu tenets say something else
  • For example, having a Master bedroom in South-West direction is best as per Vastu, but in your chosen apartment, the wall on the South as well as West is completely blocked with corridors/buildings on the other side. Which means, you have NO sunlight and air. That’s unhealthy! Why ACCEPT such a Vastu compliant home?
3 BHK apartment vastu planning

3. Getting influenced by closed-minded elders or ‘fear mongers’ who are completely consumed by Vastu

  • Some of our elders may NOT enlightened about the basis of Vastu as envisaged 3000 years ago, which is to use ‘Panchabhutas’ (5 elements of nature- Earth, Water, Fire, Atmosphere and Air) to live in harmony with nature
  • Not understanding this is the biggest mistake and challenge. It becomes more difficult when elders or Vastu pundits scare you with dire consequences if you did NOT buy a Vastu compliant flat
  • Fact remains, over 3000 years back when Sage Mamuni Mayan, Thakkar Pheru,  Ramachandra Bhattaraka Kaulachara and others wrote about Vastu tenets, they did NOT know that human beings will begin living in 3 BHK apartments, which will be a clustered living
  • Simply put- Vastu Shastra does NOT apply to an apartment-living configuration

Two important facts need to be understood-

A. Vastu Shastra was propounded as a means to ‘enhance the quality of life, with a focus on the use of ‘sunlight’ and ‘ventilation’ in a scientific way for all the members of the family

B. Tenets of Vastu was meant to help members lead a comfortable, happy life by being in harmony with nature and the environs around us

Going by this scientific logic and intent, we need to understand that Vastu principles do NOT apply to apartments in their entirety. When you are surrounded by apartments all around you, sunlight and ventilation can NOT be made fully available to you. Vastu tenets may apply only on open plots, and that too, if ‘sunlight’ and ‘ventilation’ (flow of air) remains unrestricted.


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