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Buying a SUB-STANDARD 3 BHK home, BIGGER apartment- a raw deal for home buyers in Hyderabad

One of the biggest traps homebuyers in Hyderabad fall for is: to get more space, they end up buying BIGGER and MORE SPACIOUS 3 BHK homes with the budget they have.

More often than NOT, these homes are low on quality, and decidedly sub-standard.

Let us understand this with an example-

Let’s assume that a home buyer is targeting Sainikpuri, Yapral locality, and has a fixed budget of Rs 65 Lacs for a 3 BHK apartment. The home buyer has 2 options-

Option 1- buy a 1700 sft SPACIOUS & BIGGER apartment at Rs 3800 per sft

Option 2- buy a 1500 sft comparatively SMALLER apartment at Rs 4200 per sft

What’s the catch with Option 1- SPACIOUS, LOW-PRICED apartment?

  • The option 1 home is more spacious, and more reasonable compared to option 2
  • More often than not, the specifications and materials used to construct the apartment is likely to be INFERIOR
  • The materials like TMT steel, the kind of cement, the tiles, the doors/windows, the plumbing & electrical fixtures/accessories would all be sub-standard
  • Only by offering a low-quality, low-priced apartment can the builder offer a LOW-PRICED deal at Rs 3800 per sft
  • No builder would part with anything out of their own profits
  • The logic of a builder in Option 1 is simple- “You want a lower price?…fine, take it…but that comes with cheap quality that won’t stand the test of time!!”

Why is Option 2- SMALLER, HIGHER-PRICED apartment more expensive?

  • This is what a home buyer needs to find out, and check the specifications in-depth
  • More often than not, the specifications would be superior
  • Once this is confirmed, one must go for the smaller home, which is HIGH ON QUALITY

What do we mean by a HIGH QUALITY home? What specifications to check with builder?

  • A HIGH QUALITY home is meant to sturdy, aesthetic, and a bundle of high-end branded materials and processes. These are used/deployed right from the on-set of construction till the finishing process is complete
  • A High Quality home simply means that the building is dependable, safe, beautiful,, and a joy to live in
  • A high quality home fetches high resale value, which does NOT happen in a sub-standard apartment
  • These apartment go on to become landmarks in the locality, and outshine the dilapidated-looking, run-down, sub-standard apartments with decades passing-by

What elements go into making a HIGH quality home?

  • Branded TMT, cement, bricks, ideal combination of robo-sand and river-sand
  • Branded doors, windows, tiles, fittings and accessories
  • Branded fire-retardant electricals, switches, wires, MCBs, and overall electricals
  • Branded plumbing and bathroom, kitchen accessories conforming to ‘mid or high range’ specifications
  • A 3-stage anti-termite treatment, extensive soil-testing, and construction based on the result thereof to give the much needed structural strength to the building

To what extent do the per square foot rates go-up with a HIGH quality home?

  • The per square foot price goes-up by approximately Rs 300 per sft. So, instead of buying an 3 BHK apartment for Rs 3800 per sft, it is prudent to go for a Rs 4100 per sft apartment, provided the specifications are truly high-end
  • A wise 3 BHK home buyer will be willing to go for a higher priced apartment even if the apartment is LESS SPACIOUS
  • One needs to understand exactly what kind of SPECIFICATIONS and CONSTRUCTION RIGOUR is being applied by the builder. To do so, the home buyer must get complete understanding and awareness of the basics

A sub-standard apartment also can look very beautiful on the brochure, or even upon completion of construction! But this beauty is skin deep.

This is why is you should choose a HIGH QUALITY apartment even if it means getting a SMALLER apartment for a HIGHER PER SFT PRICE.

QUALITY stays for long!

To quote Eugene Ormandy- “Beauty is less important than quality.”


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