3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad: Dilemma over ‘Standalone building flat’ vs. a ‘Gated community flat’!

Dilemma over ‘Gated community’ vs ‘Standalone building’ 3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad

This is an important question with so many options of 3 BHK flat Hyderabad that you can choose from! One of the major decisions we need to take is about whether to choose an all-amenities loaded ‘Gated community apartment’ or opt for a ‘Standalone building apartment’ with much lesser ‘frills’.

Gone are the days, when we could NOT stack up the standalone apartments with all the thinkable luxuries for a high-quality living! Now, the standalone apartments are plush with the relevant amenities catering to all segments of buyers, be it Rs 65 lakh or Rs 2+ crores for an apartment in a standalone building in Hyderabad.

3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad

Clearly, the smaller builders who continue to build ‘standalone building apartments’ are also cognisant of this dilemma, and are being ‘innovative’ to upgrade their apartments with ‘RELEVANT AMENITIES & FEATURES’. Where ever these ‘standalone building apartments’ cannot match up to their ‘Gated community counterparts, we have VALID REASONS & COMPELLING BENEFITS that stand in their favor.

In this article, the intent is to provide a perspective to 3 BHK home buyers who are open to considering ‘standalone building apartments’, and want to weigh their dream home options in a more pragmatic way!

Eventually, it is the home buyers’ decision, however, given below is a STRONG CASE IN FAVOUR OF STANDALONE BUILDING APARTMENTS. This certainly does NOT mean that ‘gated community apartment complexes’ are being denigrated or downplayed in any way!

Let us explore the arguments or reasons why ‘standalone building complexes’ (confined within a small plot size of 400 square yards to 1500 square yards) may make more sense compared to a ‘Gated community mega complexes’ (running in acres) for 3 BHK homebuyers in Hyderabad.

3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad: Standalone building’ vs. a ‘Gated community ‘!

S.NOGated community mega complexesStandalone building complexes
1– Higher ‘social connect’ due to availability of clubhouse and open spaces like gardens
– May have more than 50 to 1000+ families in the apartment towers
– Equally good social connect because of lesser apartments, and you could know everyone by their names and faces

– Provision of parking lot area and terrace area for functions/festivals
– Lesser families from 5 to 30, but this is good! It prevents excessive social contact in a post-pandemic era
2– Better security provisions like 3 tier security
– Complex elevator driven, bio-metric enabled security possible
– Security features can be easily matched with security guards and home automation options at the doors/gates depending on the society members’ needs
– Bio-metric driven security unsafe from a pandemic perspective
3– More elevators/lifts for convenient entry and exit of residents and visitors– Bigger elevators are being provided increasingly, and due to the low-density population, the influx f visitors is lesser
– Safer for residents
4– Amenities like clubhouse, gymnasium, SPA, walking tracks inside the gated complex
– Not available, but NOT everyone uses them even within a family
– The location of ‘standalone building apartments’ is better, hence, one can always go to gyms, hotels, SPA, shops, etc. in close vicinity of the standalone building
– Relevant amenities like dedicated parking slots, lifts, power backup are equally good here
5– Social infrastructure inside the complex with shops, groceries which is certainly more convenient for residents– Nothing is available inside the complex, but that’s not a cause of worry
– With standalone building apartments, everything usually is a stone-throw away, thanks to a better location (usually the case)
– Standalone apartments are normally located in well-established residential colonies that are surrounded by excellent & thriving social infrastructure
– The shops, entertainment options, eateries, medical facilities, educational institutions, etc. are all usually very close-by
– This gives you a sense of unmatched community living
6– Higher lifestyle quotient with gated community complex, since many amenities are a strong social circle can be developed– Lifestyle quotient does NOT take a hit at all
– On the contrary, many standalone building options are located in posh and preferred localities
One apartment per floor is possible with ‘standalone building apartments’, and homebuyers from discerning backgrounds have the options for their very of ‘sky villa’ in standalone apartment
7– Well-designed, Vastu compliant spaces are being offered in a variety of configurations to suit all budgets
– Lots of open spaces, sunlight, and ventilation
– Clearly, standalone buildings score very high here because Vastu compliant designs can be bigger and better with MORE SPACE available to the home buyer in a standalone building
– You get a low-density living edge
– You get a much BIGGER apartment at the same price, and that too at a better location with standalone building apartments, easier/faster commute
– The large land parcels for gated community complexes are available in far-flung areas, which makes commute difficult and time-consuming
– Give you better ventilation & sunlight

Are the ‘standalone buildings’ less attractive compared to ‘gated community complexes’?

3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad - standalone building

[ Source :3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad – Avisun Properties]

NO, they are NOT! Standalone building apartments are extremely high on the SPACE and VALUE-FOR-MONEY they offer! The offerings available to Homebuyers in Hyderabad are cheaper, better, and score high on locational advantages.

In fact, the social infrastructure in and around such standalone buildings makes them far more attractive a proposition compared with gated community complexes. You simply get MORE FOR THE SAME with a standalone building apartment!

Make a wise and most pragmatic choice that works well for you and your family!

“Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future.” 

– Catherine Pulsifer


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