3BHK flat in Hyderabad

5 logical reasons NOT to follow Vastu tenets BLINDLY while buying a 2 or 3BHK flat in Hyderabad!

Homebuyers in Hyderabad and even elsewhere sometimes make Vastu the single most important rejection or acceptance criteria while buying their 2/3BHK flat in Hyderabad.

The weightage and fear of Vastu take precedence over more important matters like the quality of the apartment, the reputation of the builder, and the needs of the family.

Origin of Vastu

  • Vastu Shastra is a science that originated over 4000 years back in India and was meant to provide a framework upon which a common man could build their homes on open plots. Vastu was initially meant to be for the elite and very rich people who had the capability to build large palaces or temples
  • As time went by, Vastu tenets were simplified and turned into guidelines to guide the common man. The intent was to give a semblance of sanity to township planning and to make life more practical and scientific
  • So, Vastu was essentially a metaphysical prescription based on scientific and logical reasons/benefits for those residing in a home
  • The core aim of Vastu was to help people lead a happy life in harmony with the elements of nature. By living in harmony with nature, one could attain better synchronisation with the built environments, leading to a happier life for the family members

Why Vastu?

  • Vastu Shastra is intended to provide comfort to the inmates of a home by utilising the right positioning and proportion of the nature’s five elements (Pancha boots)
  • The Pancha boots comprise i) Fire (Agni), ii) Air (Vayu), iii) Water (varun or jal), iv) Earth (prithvi) and v) Sky/Space (Akash)
  • These elements indulge in a complex interplay with the 8 cardinal directions (East, West, South, North, North-East, South-East, North-West and South-West), that influence the lives of the people living or working in the built environment
  • Vastu Shastra intends to optimize harmony with nature which in turn brings happiness and peace to the human inhabitants
3 BHK flat in Hyderabad

5 Reasons why Vastu should NOT be followed blindly while buying a 2 or 3BHK flat in Hyderabad

1. Vastu Shastra is NOT a rule book to be followed for buying apartments

  • It’s a guideline which was meant for homes build on plot of land, and does NOT apply to flats/apartments
  • It’s not a commandment to be followed without thought and logical thinking
  • Apartments did NOT exist 3000 years back, hence Vastu tenets are NOT applicable entirely to apartments

2. Vastu Shastra is scientific, and prescriptive in nature with inbuilt flexibility that does NOT forbid any design element

  • Vastu tenets are based on elements of Earth, the climatic conditions, Sunlight and flow of Wind…all of which are based on scientific reasoning
  • Being flexible, Vastu tenets are NOT to be followed as superstitions
  • So, if an apartment feels right and appeals to your better senses, go for it
  • Follow a balanced approach while evaluating options and force-fitting Vastu tenets into your proposed apartment
  • After all, there are NO FIXED RULES

3. Vastu Shastra is mystical in nature, is often used to exploit the vulnerable home buyers

  • The fear-mongers target home buyers who are scared of a bad impact on their family, relationships and financial
  • If Vastu is a ‘guiding principles’, why make it a life-defining diktat?
  • Simply go with how ‘good, happy & content’ you feel about a certain location or design of a 2 or 3bhk flat in Hyderabad.

4. Vastu principles simply DO NOT apply to apartments

  • Vastu is applicable on open plots where sunlight comes in unrestricted
  • That is just NOT possible with flats, because you are surrounded with many flats on the same floor. Plus, you have so many towers around you which block sunlight and ventilation
  • For instance, Vastu tenets asking you to have a Master bedroom in South-west direction is meaningless if South-west direction is completely blocked in the apartment you are looking at
  • Similarly, having kitchen in South-East is meaningless if you have an apartment on your South-east, with NO MORNING LIGHT coming your way!
  • When the most critical elements- SUNLIGHT and VENTILATION are compromised in an apartment, Vastu tenets can just NOT be applicable in entirety in apartments

5. Vastu Shastra can NOT become the healer of your life’s problems, and other situational elements

  • Vastu gives a psychological relief to those seeking solutions to their life problems
  • The built environment of the ancient times no longer exists, hence, finding solace and remedy in Vastu is a bit too far-fetched, and incorrect

Hence, while buying your 2BHK or 3BHK flat in Hyderabad, do NOT make 100% Vastu compliance decision-making criteria. Vastu tenets just do NOT apply to an apartment built-apartment in its entirety. Be scientific and logical just like Vastu was intended to be about 4000 years back.

Do NOT fall prey to fear-mongering Vastu pundits. Vastu is all about ‘feeling good, happy & content’, nothing more!

Applicability of Vastu on apartments is QUESTIONABLE because sunlight and directions do not make sense in an apartment setting.

Embrace the scientific spirit of Vastu, NOT the twisted dogmatic version of it. Be driven by common design principles so far as space, sunlight, flow and function of your dream home are concerned.


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