wise questions to ask before buying a builder floor

10 Questions To Ask Before Buying Your ‘Builder-Floor Apartment’ In Hyderabad!

A low rise builder-floor in a low-rise standalone building in Hyderabad comes usually in a ground plus 5-storey configuration. These builder floors are homes that are spacious (more than 2000 sft in area), built in good localities having a low-population density. A builder floor is definitely costlier than regular apartments because of the exclusive luxury element they offer. For instance, in Sainikpuri locality, Hyderabad, a 2200 sft builder floor would cost approximately Rs 1.5 crore. These builder-floor homes in Sainikpuri seem far prettier than regular apartments, and come with the social-status of living in beautiful green environments.

10 Most Relevant Questions We Must Ask Before Buying A Builder Floor Apartment In Hyderabad.

1. Is the quality of construction good?

  • If you are spending more than a regular apartment, you need be sure of QUALITY and PROFESSIONAL approach of a builder before buying a home.
  • A builder floor is normally costlier than regular standalone building apartment, so you must get excellent ‘value for money’
  • With a builder floor you own the entire floor, and you don’t want to compromise on quality of construction and specifications of all the construction materials used
  • Higher price of a builder-floor in comparison to low-cost regular apartments is obvious considering the higher quality, and exclusivity of owning a builder floor

2. Has the builder delivered residential projects, and is considered reputed?

  • A builder’s reputation matters!
  • Check for the past projects which speak of how PROFESSIONAL and QUALITY-CONSCIOUS the builder is
  • With a standalone builder who operates in the locality, it is easier to know the kind of dedication, sincerity and passion they have in building residences

3. Should I buy a builder floor at early stages of construction?

  • With only a 5-storey builder floor, the homes get booked much faster, especially, if the builder is good and location is preferred
  • So, it’s a good idea to book your home at an early stage of construction. You get early-buyer discounts if you are approaching early-on
  • Besides, you can choose your preferred floor
  • During initial stages, the home can even be customised to your needs, since the structure of builder floor is still underway

4. What exactly is a good price for a builder floor?

  • Before buying your home,Compare the ‘quality’ and ‘specifications’ aspect of similar projects in the locality of your choice. Price factor comparison can often be misleading!
  • You will find variation in rates, but this will depend on location and specifications
  • So, need not choose your project just based on a high or low rate
  • You need to apply your judgement and choose ‘good quality’ over other considerations like a ‘low price deal’
  • It is okay to pay Rs 200 or 300 per sft more for a better location or for high quality specifications
  • Pricing one area where home buyers compromise, and end-up making a judgement error

5. Do I need to remain flexible on budget if my pocket allows?

  • It makes complete sense in paying a little more if you like the location, and if quality of construction is good
  • Alternatively, if budget is a constraint, and you get a good quality builder floor slightly in the interiors (for instance, more than 1 or 2 Kms away from main road or preferred location), it is okay to choose that location. Eventually, the home is more important than 1 or 2 Kms of location or distance-factor
  • Eventually the quality of construction, and family needs must be given a priority over other considerations
  • Budget is a sensitive matter that needs a sensitive handling, and must not be viewed rigidly

6. Is the location and social infrastructure good?

  • Location is again a relative to the area you are looking at
  • It is okay to go for a location within 2-4 Kms of the locality of your choice provided it meets the construction quality, and needs of your family
  • Social infrastructure, shops, groceries, daily-need items, medical facilities, educational institutions etc. do not change much with 1 or 2 Kms of distance

7. Will the locality remain relatively pollution-free and noise-free

  • Choosing a location a bit away from main roads, and closer to greenery is always good for a superior living experience
  • Avoid too much traffic, and noise-pollution when you can
  • Even being too close to public places like parks etc. can be disturbing with higher noise levels

8. Is the approach to location good and free from bottlenecks like flooding, access and safety perspective?

  • Approach-road needs to be free from potential problems like water-logging (low-lying area), and narrow roads
  • Look for a safe access, a smooth drive, and a hassle-free approach to your builder-floor location

9. Is the project approved for loan, and legally compliant?

  • A small project for a standalone builder that comes approved for loan is good because you know that it is LEGALLY SAFE, as the bank would have checked all the legal documents
  • A GHMC approved project alone will get bank loans, hence, it’s safer to put your money in legally-approved projects

10. Am I getting all the relevant amenities that makes my home luxurious and enviable?

  • With a builder floor, you own the entire floor, so relevant amenities matter!
  • The plot area is usually between 400 sq. yds. To 700 sq. yds., hence, you must make sure that amenities like elevator access (lift), exclusive parking, power back-up (branded genset) among other things are available
  • This alone will make yourexclusive floor’ apartment truly enviable

A builder floor gives you a superior lifestyle living, and when you ask the Right Questions before buying a home, you can get what’s best for your family!

Choose what is right for your family, and for the well-being of your family long run!!

“Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable.”

Franz Kafka

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