Top Reasons Why Builders in India use AAC Blocks, Not Red Bricks!

Constituents of AAC blocks are cement, fly ash, lime, and water- inorganic materials that even help avoid termite and damage

AAC blocks are 8 times bigger than red brick, yet easy to handle, lesser number of joints making the structure sturdy

AAC blocks are lighter in weight resulting in up to 30% less load on a foundation; AAC blocks are damage-resistant, esp. during an earthquake

AAC blocks are environment friendly, involving less wastage of material during the manufacturing  process 

AAC blocks are generally stronger than bricks; can be used for both load bearing and non-load bearing walls or partitions, and are easy to transport

AAC blocks emit lesser heat into the atmosphere as lesser cement, steel, and concrete are used

AAC blocks have sound insulating properties which allow ambient temperatures to remain the same within the structures. Result- pleasant & healthy temperature for human habitat 

Fewer steps are required while using AAC blocks in building the structure, both external & internal

They increase the carpet area for you within the structure

AAC blocks reduce cost of air-conditioning; Help save electricity cost for cooling and heating of home

AAC blocks save water, as water curing is not required

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