"Sub-Standard Homes in Low Cost Housing: A Risky Trap"

A LOW-PRICED deal is a warning sign! Check the specifications of the home, and see what’s missing!

A LOW-PRICED deal is a means to make you buy a POOR QUALITY home!!

Think of the safety and long term expectations of your family while buying your apartment.

Setting aside family needs due to an obsession with a low-price  deal isn’t worth it! 

Always think return on investment in monetary terms! A low-priced deal for a sub-standard home is akin to blocking your money

A poor and run-down building will eventually NOT find buyers even if you want to sell your property at a later point!

keep your priorities right, and look for builders who offer you a home you’ll be proud to own!

QUALITY COSTS and PAYING FOR QUALITY sure are worthwhile in the long run!

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