7 things To check  

Discovering Hidden Space in Your Builder Floor Apartment:  

Ceiling height

High ceiling heights give an open feel to a home

Spacious and exclusive corridor height

You get added space to play, sit and even enjoy various festivitie

Connectedness- interior and exterior

Interior spaces connecting with the exteriors have the effect of making small legroom feel much more.

Smart architectural design 

 A break-away from traditional dining or living room, a breakaway to avoid dark and narrow spaces helps create a camouflage of spaciousne

Flexibility of rooms to perform multiple functions 

a guest room could double-up to be a home office. A separate television room could also double-up as a children’s playroom

Bigger, taller windows and right furniture

The taller the windows, and the more you allow natural light and sky-views to be accessible, the more spacious does the builder floor appear

Lighter painting finishes- interior and exterior

Light and pastel shades, especially with whites and light blue open-up spaces in making them seem very spaciou

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