CommLab Property Management Services (CPMS):

Do you own a property in Hyderabad and wonder about what is the best way to oversee, manage and maintain your property?

The answer to your question is approaching a Property Management Services company. Property Management companies are independent contractors who work on protecting, maintaining and managing the properties of others.

  • We at CommLab property management offer specialized services in overseeing of residential property management in Hyderabad – Secunderabad, India for all the fellow Indians living away from the motherland.
  • We provide you with all the support and assistance to maintain your property while you are miles away from it.
  • We offer a hassle-free procedure to book your services for maintaining or managing your property



    • We ensure that your property is insured and keys are secure with us. We organize visits of prospective tenants and take care of their check-ins and check-outs.


    • A complete inventory and status of existing utilities,fittings, furniture etc. is prepared and verified before and after check-ins and check-outs of tenants. A detailed inventory report is sent to the owner at every instance.


    • Police Verification


    • Monthly Rent payments will be made online by the company on the first business day of every month on behalf of the tenant to the owner thereby isolating the owner completely from possible delayed and missed payments. However, the company will collect and maintain a security deposit from the tenant to offset any delayed payments.


    • Owner of the property has to provide limited power of attorney to the company for tenant management wherein the company is authorized to enter into a rental agreement with the prospective tenant on behalf of the owner.

  • A regular inspection of existing utilities, electrical fittings, woodwork and plumbing will be carried out at an interval of every three months. 

  • Tenant/Owner complaints will be addressed by our skilled technician/s and minor/emergency works will be immediately attended to. Costs of such works will be adjusted in the rent payable to the owner.

  • Major works which are not of an emergency nature would be quoted for and attended only after obtaining approval of the owner.


    • Courtyard cleaning, trimming/cropping of plants and manuring/fertilizer/pesticides treatment would be carried out once in three months. The services of our landscape architect team can be used for re-designing or modification of the landscape at an additional cost.


    • We provide cockroaches, Termite, bed bug, wood borers, Mosquitoes and other pest control services at additional cost.

    • To arrive at possible rental value of the property, we consider the current market value  of the property, its comparison with similar properties within the locality and factors like age of property, quality of construction and current upkeep status.
    • Extensive search of targeted tenants is carried out through Digital Marketing like social media, optimized search engines, through personal contacts and local area campaigns.
    • Preparation and legal vetting of rental/lease document, signing and notarization of the same.
    •  If required, the rental/lease document can be registered with the sub-registrar of the concerned area by paying the applicable fee to the government.
    • All utility bills like electricity, water, LPG, society maintenance etc. would be taken care of by us and the same will be claimed from the owner.
    • Our legal compliance team tracks and maintains records of the property tax and payments are made by us on behalf of the owner.
    • References of insurance companies registered with us will be provided for insuring and safeguarding the property.
    • Owner complaints will be addressed by our executives from the concerned department including legal help. A detailed report with suggestions on remedies and possible solutions will be sent at the earliest.
    • Inspection of existing utilities, electrical fittings, woodwork and plumbing will be carried out by our skilled employees at an interval of every three months. A thorough inspection will be done and the detailed report will be sent to the owner.
    • Cleaning of the property will be performed once a month by our cleaning staff. Interior and exterior dusting, sweeping, mopping is performed.
    • 24/7 security of the vacant property will be monitored through CCTV cameras installed at critical locations on the property with recording facility. For independent properties and wherever possible, it is suggested to employ security guards from recognised and registered security agencies.


How it works

The property management team here at CommLab is backed up by qualified engineers supported by a team of skilled workers. We are focused on providing property management services to the Non-Resident Indians from Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Our firm provides various services to meet every concern of the NRIs.

Are you wondering about the actual benefits of hiring a property management company to maintain your property?

Below are a few benefits of hiring CommLab Property Management Services (CPMS):

  • Reliable and verified Tenant screening.
  • We act as a buffer between you and tenant which will spare you time and effort.
  • Promoting your property professionally both online and offline to fetch better response
  • Efficient rent collection
  • Regular Inspections would help in maintaining the value of the property.
  • Saves you from owner-tenant conflicts.
  • Ability to generate maximum revenue with minimum expenditure
  • Choose your desired plan

  • Send us your details

  • Discuss with our team

  • Sign the agreement

  • Relax and watch us do the work