A critical element oft-ignored by home buyers!

Does a home really need an Anti-Termite treatment at the construction stage?

Termites can make life miserable for the inhabitants of a building. It’s wise to understand the importance and implications of anti-termite treatment, especially when you are about to buy a new apartment!

This ebook gives a good understanding and perspective on termites, and tells you how to prevent this menace from entering your new home. 

The ebook will equip you with: 

  • the ability to know exactly what to look for while evaluating property options, 
  • the ability to effectively question the builders on anti-termite treatment, and
    • the ability to judge whether or not the right approach has been followed to effectively tackle termites for decades to come
    • The different types of termites, what they do, what they thrive on, how they enter our homes, and the kind of havoc they can wreck
    • A thorough understanding of what a builder should do to contain them, the different stages of construction where anti-termite treatment needs to be undertaken

Understanding ‘how’ and ‘from where’ termites can penetrate your home if the anti-termite treatment rigour is not applied by the builder

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