If you are an old school guy, you will obviously be inclined toward the wooden windows and window frames. However, in the present day, builders are opting for the UPVC (Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride) windows for their buildings. This decision could leave you confused and frustrated. Hence, we have decided to compare both here and this should help you make your decision easy.

Wooden windows:
Wooden or timber window frames and windows have been used for many years, far outlasting any other material which was used for windows. You’ll have a choice of softwood or hardwood for this and please note that softwood is the cheaper option while hardwood is more durable and has a longer lifespan.

UPVC windows:
uPVC windows are the most popular choice for new age builders thanks to their lower price when compared to the wooden windows. It’s also the most highly recommended material when you choose to do double glazing which has many more benefits than single glazing. 

Few pros for uPVC


  • Not much maintenance : When compared with wooden windows, uPVC windows are extremely easy to maintain. As time passes on, there is no need to treat or re-paint your window frames again. All you need to do is give it an occasional wipe with a cloth to keep them clean and looking as good as new


  • Very Sustainable : uPVC windows are manufactured by using a variety of high sustainable materials. The benefits are good for the eco-system and by choosing uPVC, you leave a comparatively lower carbon footprint than you would with wooden windows


  • Light on the pocket : Since these windows are eco-friendly  and pretty easy to maintain, over a long period of time, it would turn out to be a cost effective alternative, even though it is at a higher installation cost.


  • Weather resistant : I’m sure you have seen your wooden windows lose their shine and look as they battle the pollution and weather of the world. Unlike uPVC, wooden windows tend to rot and become weak with time


  • Cut the noise! : Since these windows shut firmly with a cushion at the end, they are pretty good at insulating your home from the noises of the outside world. Looks like someones gonna get a good night’s sleep!

I think it’s pretty evident why these windows have taken over the market and are the choice of every builder and homeowner!


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