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Why is it so important to cure concrete?

Curing plays a pivotal role in the strength development, durability and strength of concrete. Curing takes place immediately after the concrete has been placed, and involves maintenance of desired moisture and temperature conditions needed for the optimum strength.

The amount of time required to cure the concrete depends upon many factors such as the weather conditions, the size and shape of the concrete which was moulded, the type of mixture and the strength of the same.

In order to have a dense microstructure and high amount of strength, prolonged curing at regular intervals is a must. Even if you went with the best in the market concrete, it may give poor durability if not properly cured and similarly,  a not so branded concrete if well cured can give a better durability. The importance of curing concrete should never be underestimated or ignored and should be given utmost importance. Properly cured concrete has better surface and core hardness and has a better chance to withstand surface wear and tear along with fighting the weather on a day to day basis

Ironically curing makes the concrete so strong that later it can deflect water and the occupants inside the house won’t have any issues with water leakage etc. 

Without proper curing, the chemical process which takes place called hydration is not complete. You will never be able to get the designed strength you wish to get out of the concrete and it is noted that once a concrete is poorly cured, the strength and weakness is for lifetime. Delayed curing won’t fix this. 

Always make sure you choose the right type of concrete and ensure the same is cured at regular intervals.


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