Rainwater harvesting  is the method used to collect and store rainwater. This is done instead of allowing the  water to flow away. This is mainly done to ensure that your ground water supply is replenished in the rainy season after almost or fully drying out in the summer.

You can find below the advantages of a Rainwater Harvesting Pit:

  • Recharge groundwater and build up the ground water levels.
  • Refilling of dried up wells
  • The quality of groundwater is improved
  • Helps in preventing issues with stagnant water on the roads and flooding
  • Helps in saving the future generations from running into water problems
  • Doesn’t require any power usage and helps the environment
  • If you are using the rainwater which has been collected in water tanks, you will be saving up on a part of your water bill as well

It is highly recommended by Commlab Properties LLP that every plot has their own rain water harvesting system to ensure that the rain falling in their plot stays in the same ground water as well. 


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