why home buyers in Hyderabad are preferring more spacious 3BHK flats/

5 reasons why home buyers in Hyderabad are preferring more spacious 3BHK flats/independent homes over 2BHK!

Home buyers in Hyderabad are now more inclined to buy bigger residences than ever before. COVID-19 has definitely triggered an overall change in a home-buyers lifestyle, priorities, and perspectives, be it Hyderabad or elsewhere.

Home buyers in Hyderabad who were earlier looking for a 2BHK are clearly favoring a 3 BHK with a utility room in the post-pandemic era. A 2bhk is small and falls short of expectations. A 2 BHK means that you get 2 bedrooms (one master, and a second smaller room), 1 hall (or living cum dining), 1 kitchen (with or without a utility room), and two bathrooms.

A 3bhk, on the other hand, is a winner! With it, you get 3 bedrooms (comprising one master, and two smaller bedrooms), 1 hall (living cum dining), 1 kitchen (with or without utility), and 3 bathrooms.

The top 5 reasons for this clear preference for a 3 BHK by the home buyers in Hyderabad can be attributed to:

Let’s dwell on these further…

1. Change in priorities after COVID-19 coupled with cost factor

  • More space is a clear requirement for a healthier mental state for all the family members living in an apartment
  • With the ‘new world order’ where quarantine and social distancing may be needed, even family members may be forced to maintain physical distance between themselves for mutual safety
  • With 2 BHK homes less than 1200 sft, this flexibility/option of having enough distance amongst family members is just not possible
  • Even otherwise, it is safer for nuclear families comprising of two generations– ‘parents and their two unmarried children’ to have separate rooms for both the children
Change in priorities after COVID-19 coupled with cost factor | 3bhk flats

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2. Need to stay indoors and work from home and children’s priorities

  • Work from-home requirements have created more stress on the homes. This is because the smaller homes are just NOT designed for work-from-home reality!
  • If both husband and wife are working from home, they need additional, non—intrusive spaces for themselves
  • Bedrooms need to have additional smartly designed spaces as workstations in the bedrooms
  • Even an open kitchen could be explored as an option to get more spaces- for ‘work-from-home’ and for various ‘multi-tasking activities’
  • Children also need to attend their school or college online classes from their bedroom
  • Working children on the other hand could also be ‘working-from-home’
Need to stay indoors and work from home and children’s priorities | 3bhk flats

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3. Psychological and physical well-being and fitness needs

  • A small 2 BHK is far more suffocating compared to spacious 3BHK flats or independent homes
  • More space simply means more cheer, more joy, and lesser depression
  • Normally, 3 bedroom apartments also come with balconies, keep you connected to the outside world, and allow you to have unrestricted views of the blue skyline– a benefit that truly lifts up your mood and state of mind. This is not so easily doable in a smaller 2 BHK apartment
  • Even if the family is a small one comprising only 3 members, you could have an extra 3rd room put to effective use as a play/exercise area ‘work-from-home’ area, or for entertainment/indoor games, etc.
  • With a 3rd bedroom, space is that you do NOT run out of space in times of need
  • Plus, you get more space to walk, straighten your legs, and feel ‘agile and fit’
  • Additionally, if any family member needs to be quarantined/isolated, an extra 3rd room makes that possible!
Psychological and physical well-being and fitness needs | 3bhk flats

4. Overall benefits over-weighing over the ‘price differential’ between 2 & 3BHK flats or independent homes

  • On the cost factor, a 3 BHK is about 20% to 30% more expensive compared to a 2 BHK. For example, instead of spending 50 lacs, if you spend an additional 10 to 15 lacs, you gain much more!!
  • It’s not every day that you buy a home, and with an additional cost, you actually get a much bigger and better home
  • The additional money spent on 3BHK flats may get you an incremental increase in the sizes of all the rooms- you could bet bigger living rooms, bigger bedrooms for all, a bigger utility room, and an additional bathroom
  • Besides, a 3 BHK gives a home buyer safety and quality-living

5. Need to be more self-reliant with efficient laundry and storage spaces

  • In a post-pandemic scenario, one needs to be self-reliant in being able to manage our laundry (washing/ironing/drying clothes)
  • Unless we have an efficient utility room, this cannot happen
  • Plus, we need to have the apparatus prepared in case we do not have access to laundry man (dhobi)¸or should we want to deliberately avoid any scope of outside human intervention
  • Indian kitchen also requires excessive storage space for items like groceries, cutlery, dry food bags, and Big 20 Ltr. Water bottles, dry vegetables, beverages, etc.
  • We can even have a wash-basin in the utility room to cater to heavy washing of utensils or hand-wash/cleaning of small clothes
  • The utility room is also used for storing clothes as per season. For instance, the monsoon-season rain gear, travel bags, or winter-clothing, etc.
  • The utility also serves as a room for pets
  • The utility room is also to be used for drying clothes and also be inviting to work-in
Need to be more self-reliant with efficient laundry and storage spaces | 3bhk flats

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As a first-time home buyer in Hyderabad, it makes sense to upgrade to a 3 BHK for the larger good of the family. Times have changed, and our current lifestyle and requirements have become more family-centric.

The home-buyers in Hyderabad recognize this and are willing to stretch their budget in favor of a 3 BHK for their family’s safety and happiness.

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