What makes Sainikpuri a delightful location with a promising & peaceful lifestyle?

Located in the North-Eastern part of Hyderabad, Sainikpuri is an evergreen locality buzzing with life, festivities and celebrations throughout the year! Almost 40 years ago in the 1970s, this locality was envisioned to be the peaceful abode of Armed Forces personnel. Even today, Sainikpuri continues to enchant people of all age groups. Even NRIs find this residential locality to be the perfect place in Hyderabad due to its cantonment-like charm!

Living in the Sainikpuri locality you are saved from the onslaught of the concrete jungle, the maddening pollution.

The gorgeous green cover of Sainikpuri extending right up to Yapral is simply astounding and mesmerizing! With the existing cantonment area right next, the thick cover and abundance of trees is there to stay for a long-long time! The Army area that’s a stone throw away comprises of College of Defence Management, the EME Centre, MCEME Centre among other military establishments. With Armed Forces establishments extending to over 10-12 square kilometres near Sainikpuri, this green belt of the Army cantonment will continue to give fresh oxygen for many decades to come!

Clearly, living in the Sainikpuri locality you are saved from the onslaught of the concrete jungle, the maddening pollution, the noise and the all-pervasive chaos of city life! After a hectic day in the city, you would love to come home to de-stress in rejuvenating environs of Sainikpuri!

 Sainikpuri a delightful location with a promising & peaceful lifestyle.

No wonder, the peace and quiet of the Sainikpuri locality are enticing home buyers in Hyderabad. The layout of colonies, wider roads, and greenery in this area instantly makes you feel that you are living in a sparsely populated neighbourhood! Now, that’s a big plus in a busy and fast-moving city like Hyderabad!!

The convenient lifestyle, range of apartment options (size & space), and flexible budget options (economy to luxury) in Sainikpuri are certainly appealing to the first-time home buyers/NRIs. This locality is an ideal location even for those seeking to settle down post-retirement.

Compelling reasons that make Sainikpuri a truly delightful locality

1. Bountiful nature and greenery

Less populated locality with fresh air, greenery with birds chirping as you take a stroll environment, and pleasing personalities of people.

2. Clean area safer from future shocks of pandemic

Being sparsely populated, you have lesser risk of human contact and the threat of contagious diseases. No noise pollution which allows you to sleep peacefully with you windows open all through the day!

3. Better air, better health

The green cover of trees around you allows you better air quality allowing you to gain better physical and mental health.

4. Ideal atmosphere to foster community living

Lesser the population, the more likely it is for you to nurture closer bonds with your neighbours. Smaller groups tend to have much tighter emotional connect!

5. Eateries, daily-needs, lifestyle stores

The sainikpuri area is full of branded stores, amazing eateries, restaurants, supermarkets, banks, and much more.

The area is full of branded stores, amazing eateries, restaurants, supermarkets, banks and much more, courtesy, the well-developed AS Rao Nagar market, the fast-growing Sainikpuri Main Road and Hi-Tension Road.

6. Inviting gardens and walkways

walking amidst beautiful greener becomes a delight with many parks, GHMC maintained park in this locality and the inner roads of Sainikpuri and Vayupuri which is a favourite among morning and evening walkers.

7. Potpourri of various cultures

People from all over India residing in this area gives it a very forward-looking, progressive and cosmopolitan feel! NRIs too prefer to call the Sainikpuri locality their home! Experiencing this multiplicity of various cultures and traditions adds to the lure of possessing a home in this area.

The quiet and peace of Sainikpuri allows you to freely explore various facets of life including focusing on yourself and your loved ones! Blessings of nature inspire you to do what you’ve always wanted to!

These reasons are inspiring enough for home buyers in Hyderabad to look at 3bhk or bigger apartment options in Sainikpuri that range between Rs 70 lacs to over Rs 1.5 crore. The pricing too is very reasonable compared to many other parts of the city considering the quality of life you get in this locality!

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that those who seek a better lifestyle in Hyderabad would surely choose to live in the serene locality of Sainikpuri!

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