RMC stands for Ready-Mix Concrete. This is the type of concrete that is manufactured in a batch plant based on a set engineered mix design according to the requirements. Ready-mix concrete is normally delivered to the construction site in two ways.

The first type is the barrel truck or in–transit mixers where a truck delivers concrete in a plastic state to the construction site.

The second type is the volumetric concrete mixer where the concrete is delivered in a dry state and then mixes the concrete on-site according to the water requirements.

There are many advantages of going with RMC. I am listing a few below:

  • Quality of RMC is constantly at the top level as the amount of scrutiny at the plant is strict and very rarely do they move away from giving good quality
  • Testing of the materials used in the RMC along with constant monitoring of the same is followed under strict supervision and rules
  • RMC has a process that ensures that cement is saved which inturn helps in preserving energy and resources. 
  • As there is a reduced use of the amount of cement, industries have reduced their production so there is less pollution
  • The end result of RMC is that they are more durable than the one you would get from using cement which inturn increases the life of the structure
  • As the amount of human involvement is reduced in RMC manufacturing process it helps in reducing the chances of errors or human mistakes. Also, the dependency on labour at the construction site is reduced drastically

RMC has in time grown quite a popularity as the structures made out of this form of concrete have a lifespan of around 30 years even with high footfall or traffic. This is the main reason why so many industries along with Commlab Properties LLP are using it.


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