What is Marble Flooring

Marble is a form of natural stone which when properly finished can be transformed into beautiful flooring or tiles.  Marble flooring is perceived to be one of the most luxurious and sophisticated floorings to install in a home and gets you to a higher level of class. Marble has different types which bring out different looks to a foyer, hallway, bathroom, or any room where it is placed and there are thousands of different types of marble in almost every color imaginable.

Marble is a very highly chosen natural stone that is quarried and cut into slabs or tiles for a large variety of residential and commercial building complexes, including countertops, floors, and wall tiles. It is a form of metamorphic rock that is made when a sedimentary stone is transformed under heat and pressure into a harder stone with beautiful and aesthetic color and veined patterns. Marble is confused with granite many times, however, granite is an igneous rock derived from volcanic magma, unlike marble which is not layered sedimentary rock. Granite typically has a pebble type or spotted color pattern, whereas marble generally has a wavy veined pattern.

Maintenance and Repair

Once the marble flooring is installed, routine maintenance of the same is relatively easy, it requires the same kind of sweeping and damp mopping you would do with a ceramic tile floor throughout your home. However, unlike ceramic tile, marble is pretty porous which inturn means you shouldn’t allow water to puddle and stand on the surface for too long as standing water can penetrate the stone and discolor it.

Even though it is technically a stone, marble is actually a relatively soft material that can be scratched and chipped easily under the wrong conditions. This is true if the material has been polished, as the imperfections will be more noticeable on the smooth surface. A disadvantage is that unfortunately, scratches cannot be easily repaired without replacing the damaged material entirely.


The main advantage of using a marble floor tile is that it instantly elevates the appearance of a room, giving it a regal look that is hard to imitate. The plus point is that marble is available in multiple colors, and even in beautiful multicolor mixes, providing a large variety of options for a variety of decorative schemes. Tiles can also be cut to different shapes like rectangles, and triangles of varying sizes in order to create complex mosaic installations.

Should you choose marble flooring?

In our opinion, no other flooring tile conveys elegance and class better than that of marble, but marble is a temperamental stone that requires a lot of care when installing it and when caring and maintaining for it afterward. It’s better to do your research of its limitations before you spend the money on marble flooring.

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