Have you ever wondered what the difference is between veneer and laminate? In short, veneer is a thin layer of hardwood applied to a comparatively less expensive material like plywood. Meanwhile, laminate is a printed surface made to look as close as it can to real wood, but usually made of a plastic material which is bonded to a composite base.

You can find below the details of of both:

Veneer: Veneer is mainly, as mentioned above, a thin layer of hardwood which is stuck with adhesive, to another surface hidden below. As it’s a natural material, wood veneer projects a richer and more varied look to the wood. There is usually a lot more effort which goes into crafting a veneer top, they are usually priced much higher than laminate alternatives. Wood veneer is a softer material and is prone to scratches and dents when compared to laminate.

Laminate: It is an artificial material and is made by pressing together thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins, this creates a decorative pattern or colour print on the upper layer. Laminate however, is stronger and that it tends to be less susceptible to scratches and heat which makes it easier to maintain than real wood or veneer. Thanks to how strong it is, you don’t need to be as careful with laminates as you would have to be with veneers. Laminate is the most economical option as the cost of making it is much low when compared to veneer. 

Though laminate won’t give you the real wooden finish, there are abundant colour options which can be made. 

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