7 Tips To keep your apartment Clean and Organized!

7 Tips To keep your apartment Clean and Organized:

The one most difficult thing in apartment life is cleaning the apartment, sometimes it feels like it’s a never-ending task and it is very tiring. Whenever you settle your home, and suddenly your house is back to square one once again. That is why the most important thing is to know how to keep your apartment clean and tidy in an easy way so that you won’t be exhausted.

I can always say — cleaning the house is not that hard as most people think -it making the home clean that’s a big real challenge. Every time I clean up the entire area I always think I will never have to clean that area again, but just in a span of 4 weeks I can see that I have to clean up the entire area and I need to spend a lot of time cleaning and organizing things all over again.  

Keep apartment clean

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few tips to keep your apartment Clean and Clutter free:

1.Don’t leave your bed without making it:

It’s very simple to make your bed everyday but making it a habit to make your bed gives you a positive and productive start for a new day., doing this will really inspire your day. The minute you make your bed you will realize that you should do laundry as sometimes we put the clothes on the floor in the bedroom.

keep the apartment clean by making your bed every day

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2.Allot a basket to each member of your household:

When it comes to cleaning up it becomes easier for the person if we have a basket to each person in the household.  We can easily do a quick clean-up and keep all the belongings in the basket. This tip is ideal for roommates , as clutter finds a way of adding and adding, when no one single person is even all that messed up.

Keeping the apartment clean by alloting a basket to each member of the household

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3.Clean your dishes after each meal:

The therapy is always do your dishes after every meal. It hardly takes 10 minutes or less and it will give a clean fresh look to the kitchen. If your dishwasher is full empty it instantly and this will give your clean vibes.

keep apartment clean by cleaning dish wash

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keep the apartment clean by cleaning dishes after each meal

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4.Landing strip:

It is always good to have a landing strip in the entry of your home where you can place things like your hat, umbrella, rain coats, Keys etc. Having a place where you can keep all such things is mandatory to any apartment. You always have a place to search for the things you think are lost.

5.Handle Paper Clutter:

It is always better to have a file to put important mails and papers in that. Discarding the paper clutter from home is one of the important tips to make the home look tidy and clean. It is always better to have small trash cans in every room to avoid paper clutter thrown on the floor.

Handling paper clutter keeps the apartment clean

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6.Discard things you are done with:

It is always better to discard things you are done with, doing this will not only make your life easier but also it helps you to clean your house without unwanted things around.

7.Vacuum your house every week:

Vacuum your house every week keeps the apartment clean

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It is always better to vacuum your home once every week. You need to do the most common areas so that you don’t have to deep-clean the entire area.  

These are the few tips to keep the apartment clean and organized ….if you try to implement them on a daily basis then your life will be much easier.


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