In the process of searching for a new tenant, it’s always hard to find the type of tenant you have in mind.Although It’s not so easy to identify a tenants behavior after entering into ;your property, there are certain precautions you can take care of to evaluate tenants before renting your property.

Always meet the potential tenant in person so that you can get a better idea of the tenant and this also creates a first impression. Customizing the rules in the rental agreement according to your property type and your interests could also help you in attracting ideal tenants.

Once you have these decisions made you now have a better idea and confidence in deciding on which type of people you want to rent.

Below are few other tips to identify prospective tenants:

Property Marketing:

  • Different types of people have specific interests in styles of property. Keeping this in mind, make changes to your property to attract the type of people you are looking for.
  • Understanding the rental value in your local area.
  • A detailed description of the property type, rental rules and restrictions should be mentioned while marketing.
  • Clear photographs of the property must be used in social media marketing.

Tenant Screening:

  • Tenant screening is a very critical procedure as you can get to know more information about the tenant.
  • Make sure you collect information on the below:
    • Contact details
    • Employment status
    • Employer details
    • Reference by family or friends
    • Previous rental history
    • Do they have children
    • Do they have pets
    • Do they smoke
    • Do they have frequent guest visits
  • All these information can help you decide on filtering the type of tenant you need.
  • Perform a police verification, which is mandatory as per law.

Once the screening process is through, consult an advocate to prepare a registered rental agreement containing all the norms to be followed by the tenant during the tenancy period. Keep a copy of all the Identity proofs and reference details provided by the tenant.

To avoid stress and to save time on finding a prospective tenant, you can always hire a property management company.

Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

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