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7 Things To Check For ‘Spaciousness’ In Your Builder Floor Apartment!

Homebuyers in India are seeking increasingly more spaces, and builder floors are an excellent option to get a sense of exclusivity that comes with spaciousness.

A builder floor offers the best of both worlds- the spacious feel of an independent villa, plus, the utility of a regular apartment. Builder floor in a city like Hyderabad could cost anything between Rs 1.5 crore to 2.5 crore for a 2000 plus square feel exclusive floor. These come in a 5storey building built on small residential plots in well-established localities like Kukatpally, Jubilee Hills, Sainikpuri, Yapral and so on. With a builder floor you own the entire floor.

In a post-COVID era, we need to make sure that if we are buying a builder floor, it needs to feel spacious. A sense of openness, connectedness and welcoming home is what home buyers seek!

builder floor apartment gives spaciousness

Ways to check for ‘spaciousness’ in a builder floor apartment

With clarity of owing a larger home, especially a builder floor, we need to check on the builders’ floor plans and architectural design element.

The builder floor we choose must truly seem MORE SPACIOUS- by having real designs, and designs that create an illusion of more space. Basically, the feel of spaciousness is all about a great design! For example, if you buy a 2200 sft builder floor, you should actually feel like it is much bigger than how it appears!!

The average home size of a builder floor in Hyderabad, for instance, is approximately 2200 sft.

Spaciousness is much more than just square foot area. Even while buying a home, a few elements give you an indication of ‘how spacious’ your builder floor will actually feel. These factors and elements are-

1. Ceiling height

  • Vertical heights makes a lot of difference
  • Ceilings beyond 9 feet are great
  • High ceiling heights give an open feel to a home
  • Walking through each room with a more ceiling height makes it seem them seem larger
  • A tall height ceiling inside your builder floor makes it seem huge
ceiling height gives more spaciousness

2. Spacious and exclusive corridor

  • The moment you step out of your elevator, a spacious 5 or 6 feet wide corridor leading to your entrance-door makes it seem terrific on spaciousness
  • It also gives you extra space to walk or take a break while at home, since you own the entire floor
  • You get added space to play, sit and even enjoy various festivities

3. Connectedness- interior and exterior

  • The more connected your interior rooms like living, family or open-kitchen, the better you feel on spaciousness
  • A connected and freeflowing home with lesser walls reduces interruption to make your builder floor seem bigger
  • Big and open spaces make a home feel a lot larger
  • Interior that connect and flow into the exteriors without restrictions give an amazing feeling of spaciousness
  • Also, when there is continuity of construction material used- especially for walls, ceilings and floors- both inside and outside- you get a spacious bigger feel
  • Interior spaces connecting with the exteriors has an effect of making a small legroom feel much more. The bigger the legroom for you to walk around, the more luxurious it seems
exterior spaciousness

4. Smart architectural design

  • A break-away from traditional dining or living room, a breakaway to avoid dark and narrow spaces helps create a camouflage of spaciousness
  • Added room for work, play and study are a welcome change
  • A separate and big utility to cater to storage and laundry needs give a great sense of spaciousness to a builder floor
  • A balcony works like a getaway space within the builder floor
  • A balcony or open space adjoining bedrooms is a great sitting area, for workouts etc
  • Large sized bedrooms can accommodate office space
  • A table partition between your open-kitchen and other rooms allows for space to plan for multiple things in the house
  • Separate areas of storage or wall-hangings along the corridors or side-walls to keep keys, shoes, hats, bags, other seasonal belongings also make the home both functional and spacious

5. Flexibility of rooms to perform multiple functions

  • Flexible rooms create space allows a builder floor buyer to use a room in multiple ways. For example- a living room could be used for multiple things including study, workout, entertain guests etc.
  • A builder floor design should allow you to have rooms that can perform ‘multiple duties’
  • For example, a guest room could double-up to be a home office. A separate television room could also double-up as a children’s playroom
  • With proper planning, one room could be used to perform multiple tasks such as be a workspace, a playroom and a sleeping room

6. Bigger, taller windows and right furniture

furniture gives a feel of spaciousness
  • A lot depends on keeping the right kind of furniture that can be folded, dismantled, moved or re-arranged easily. This allows more space to be created when needed
  • The builder floor design should be spacious enough to allow that
  • Well placed, tall and wide windows create spaciousness since you can invite the outdoors views inside the house giving a feel of spaciousness
  • This feel also helps overcome the feeling of being inside a cage
  • The taller the windows, and the more you allow natural light and sky-views to be accessible, the more spacious does the builder floor appear
  • Extending the indoors to the outdoors adds the much needed natural light into a room
  • Strategically place windows allow for optimal and stunning views around your builder floor
  • You could be looking at the skyline of your locality, view the lush-green cover ot trees, or other beautiful views around your builder floor building
  • This simple makes the rooms feel bigger
  • Three-panel sliding glass door, especially in a balcony makes for a more open and spacious feel. This allows people to move freely out to an open area like a balcony
  • The ideal combination of windows smartly placed matters in a builder floor!

7. Lighter painting finishes- interior and exterior

light paint gives more spaciousness
  • Lighter paint colours and finishes in your builder floor will reflect light to further enhance the effect of having a large room
  • Light and pastel shades, especially with whites and light blue open-up spaces in making them seem very spacious
  • A well-lit wall or interiors on a white finish makes the whole space seem much bigger and brighter

All these are factors you need to look at while exploring the design element of your builder-floor.

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