tips, and precautions for buying your residential plot

Buying a residential plot in Hyderabad? Due-diligence measures, tips, and precautions before you buy a plot.

So you’ve decided to invest in the land but have no clear idea what is required or how to go about it? It becomes difficult with a lack of clear-cut ways on ‘how to go about’? The roadblocks come from the primary challenge of finding the residential plot of our choice in the right location at the right price, through the right channel, and with zero legal hassles.

Eventually, we don’t want a property that turns into a nightmare with problems arising on any front- whether while building a house, transferring it to our legal heirs, or selling it!

Here are a few pointers and tips that will help you select the right plot!

1. Preliminary checklist and considerations in Hyderabad

  • Shortlist RERA listed agents, consultants, or brokers
  • The plot should be HMDA or DTCP approved 
  • HMDA and DTCP are responsible for the planning and development of urban and rural areas in their jurisdiction
  • HMDA: Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority
  • DTCP: Directorate of Town and Country Planning
  • HMDA or DTCP approval means that it is a valid layout. You can use your plot for development purposes like building construction after obtaining permission as per law
  • Make sure to opt for an even piece of land
  • Ensure plot dimensions suit the required type of construction and the number
  • Check if the plot is Vastu compliant, especially if you want to gain from the scientific benefits behind Vastu Shastra
  • Check if the width of the roads around the plot is as per GHMC norms (30 ft width).
  • Scan the area to get details on the groundwater and general info on the locality
  • Conduct a soil test to check the soil bearing capacity.
  • Prepare a topographical map of the area with important landmarks. Check if it meets your family’s demands before considering it for purchase
  • Check if the required social infrastructure is in place
  • Based on your priorities, check for proximity to various things you need- education, medical, shopping, lifestyle/status-related, eateries, entertainment, etc.
  • Get the property-related papers vetted by a qualified lawyer

2. Location

Location in Hyderabad is no longer a serious issue while buying a residential plot.
  • It is vital that you just confirm the location of the plot by considering its proximity to the vital areas inside the town or the locality of your preference
  • Gone are the days when location meant being closer to one or two prime areas in the city of Hyderabad
  • Hyderabad now has over 8 million population, and the city is divided into multiple micro-markets
  • You can choose to live in any part of Hyderabad, and get all the amenities you’ve dreamt of, be it Old city, Kukatpally, Hi-Tech city, Tarnaka, Uppal, Alwal, Sainikpuri, Yapral, Medchal, or other areas
  • With ORR skirting around the city of Hyderabad, the location is no longer a big constraint
  • Even faraway locations (over 25 KMs away from the city center) are well-connected to the city of Hyderabad
  • Depending on your priorities, check if the locality has the kind of access to the city that you are looking for. For instance, some want proximity to relatives and friends, and others may be interested in other factors like job hubs, education hubs, tranquil/green hubs, and so on
  • Location in Hyderabad is no longer a serious issue because most areas in Hyderabad will continue to give decent returns (capital appreciation) in the long term.

3. Ensuring legal compliance

Buy a residential plot with proper papers.
  • Obtain all the relevant documents
  • Sale deed: Make sure that the local authorities have given all-clear titles of deeds for the purchase of land
  • Link documents of the last 30 years
  • Copy of approved GHMC Layout/ LRS proceedings (in case of gram panchayat approved property)
  • A land-use certificate from GHMC certifying the plot is in a residential area
  • Non-encumbrance certificate
  • Market value certificate
  • Two independent legal opinions from reputed/empaneled advocates
  • Cross-check the land details with the GHMC Registration department
  • Check for pending cases on the land
  • Check the prohibited list i.e. government lands that cannot be sold, registered, and/or transferred to third parties
  • Check for ULC (Urban Land Ceiling) 
  • Check for documents related to the sanctioned layout, planning, commencement certificate, title certificate, permission for non-agricultural use
  • If you wish undisputed legal possession of available vacant land, you want to impose a transparent title of purchase of land
  • Whether it’s a residential plot, commercial plot, or investment plot, continually confirm that there aren’t any unclear deeds
  • Check the necessary approval documents for the plots and make sure it is verified by a lawyer and things to check before buying a plot.
  • The key to massive capital gains through land purchase is to secure and buy a residential plot with proper papers. This way alone you can secure your peace of mind

4. Finer points to take care before buying your residential plot

Cross-verify documents with the development authority before you buy a residential plot
  • Check the Value of the plot. Do not buy a plot in a hurry
  • Slow researching of the worth of land is important
  • Knowing the real value of the plot ensures that you don’t get over-charged for the property, since prices are at-times market and perception-driven, besides the demand-supply interaction
  • Check the Area of the plot. Measure the area/size of the plot physically
  • Check if the area and soil are suitable for villa construction
  • Check if the plot is on flat land or a slope. This forms part of Vastu as well
  • Check for water quality (hard or soft). Take measures, or be prepared for the corrective actions needed
  • Check for provisions of sanitation, drainage, sewerage, etc. on the plot you are buying
  • Check if the area is covered well for sanitation and hygiene by the GHMC or local municipal authorities. These pointers determine the potential of the plot
  • Make sure to get all the Property Tax Receipts and Bills so that you don’t have to pay for pending bills
  • Get all the capital levy receipts so that you avoid taxation-related problems
  • Check if the plot is eligible for a bank loan
  • Cross-verify documents with the development authority with the help of a lawyer to make sure you are lawfully safe prior to register the plot in your name with the competent authorities

Take the right measures so that you can build your dream home with complete peace of mind!

“Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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