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7 undeniable advantages of buying an apartment in a ‘standalone residential building’ in Hyderabad- a perspective for 3 BHK home buyers

Where you choose to live impacts your lifestyle and happiness. In a city like Hyderabad, you have gated community apartments with multiple amenities, and other the other hand you have standalone building apartments built on smaller plot sizes admeasuring between 400 sq. yds. To 2000 sq. yds. These are usually apartments built with the ground floor reserved for parking, and 5 storeys meant for living as per GHMC rules in Hyderabad.

The standalone residential building segment is lucrative for two reasons– 1) location and 2) luxury at an affordable cost.

Buying an independent home in the same locality on a piece of the independent residential plot could be as high as 5 times the price of an apartment.

Besides, you get undeniable advantages which are just NOT possible with you living in an independent house.

standalone residential building

The advantages with buying an apartment are as follows-

Easy Living

A choice between an independent house versus an apartment means that you are choosing between two options: option1: do-it-yourself (independent house), option2: have-it-done-for-you (with apartment).

1. No laborious maintenance activities associated with surroundings, garden, plumbing, electricals, sewage etc.

Ask yourself, if you have the time and inclination to engage in all the problems that come with a home built from scratch? If time is a constraint, and prefer to choose an apartment in a standalone residential building and use the common pool of resources to manage these items. The standalone residential building apartments being much smaller than large gated communities are easier and cheaper to maintain.

All you have to do is outsource these activities to the society you are part of, and enjoy a bundle of benefits.

2. Worry-free upkeep and maintenance

With processes and systems in place, you can use the collective strength of apartment owners in the standalone building to have all the facilities like a security guard, on-call plumber/electrician, housekeeping staff etc. All these are not easy to manage with an independent house.

Living in an apartment provides you easy access to reliable problem-solving mechanisms at a fair price.

3. Weather-friendly apartments especially in summer

Barring the upper-most floor, the other floors are prevented from the excessive onslaught of summer heat. Similarly, during rainfall, an apartment is usually on higher ground, and you are farther away from all the dirt and muck of the monsoon season.

A fulfilling community lifestyle

It is a joy living in a close-knit community, and with standalone buildings, you tend to know all your neighbours. In smaller standalone building apartments you are more likely to foster friendships. In fact, some friends even choose to buy apartments where their friends collectively decide to reside.

Plus, you get to enjoy amenities you might not be able to afford in an independent home.

4. Parking Possibilities

The ground floor of the standalone apartment is usually made exclusively for well-maintained parking slots, including options to park visitor cars, if necessary.

5. Security and surveillance facility

Unlike independent homes, apartments are increasingly loaded with 24/7 video surveillance coverage. Plus, neighbours are also helpful in detecting any out of the ordinary occurrences.

6. Community feel

When you live in an apartment, you’re very close to your neighbours. It’s so much easier to develop relationships than for those who live in houses separated by boundary walls and fences. Children meet playmates much quickly and won’t have to go too far away from the building apartment to play. One can easily socialize with your neighbours, depend on them during emergencies, and enjoy the festivities & celebrations.

Convenience of location and mobility

Wanting to be in a great location with a well-developed social infrastructure is so much easier with a standalone building apartment, rather than buying a plot and constructing a house.

7. A great location and easy access

Builders usually choose locations in well-developed residential areas that are preferred destinations for home buyers. For instance, many homebuyers in Hyderabad, including techies, are increasingly preferring localities like Kompally, Yapral and Sainikpuri, which have a promising social infrastructure. Besides, localities like Yapral and Sainikpuri are far more reasonable from a cost perspective as compared to Gachibowli or Kukatpally. Builders usually chose the best geographic locations based on how parameters like proximity to schools, public transportation, grocery stores, eateries, Cafes and parks.

There are many benefits to apartment living in a standalone building apartment that offer you a carefree lifestyle. Standalone building apartments allow you to live in a community where you can share friendships and amenities, are closer to stores and public transport. Standalone building apartments also allow you the flexibility and ability to move around the locale easily and are available at a very reasonable cost. For instance, the ‘per square foot’ price of a standalone building apartment ranges between Rs 4000 to Rs 6000 in a locality like Sainikpuri, Yapral.

Quality of life shoots up considerable with such a bundle of benefits that accrue by choosing to live in a standalone building 3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad.

To quote John C. Maxwell- It is our decisions, not our conditions that determine our quality of life.


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