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Standalone building residential flats proving to lucrative option for 3BHK homebuyers in Hyderabad

Standalone building residential flats proving to lucrative option for 3BHK homebuyers in Hyderabad

With urban centers becoming more chaotic, home seekers in Hyderabad are increasingly turning to apartments in ‘standalone buildings’ for the location advantage and sense of SPACIOUSNESS they offer.

Most of the standalone building projects are located in low-density, established residential colonies that offer better social distancing opportunities and cleaner air. Some of these colonies offer much-needed peace and greenery which creates a serene environment for the residents. For instance, the locale of Sainikpuri and Yapral (in Hyderabad) are pockets of bountiful greenery with the Armed Forces green cover all-around it, making it an extremely clean & lush-green area to live in.

Gone are the days that you could NOT expect high-quality construction quality with discernible amenities. The standalone building apartments come are a variety of price-range that includes both mid-range high-end apartments as well as the more-expensive luxury segment loaded with many enviable specifications.

For instance, in a place like Sainikpuri or Yapral, the cluster apartment mid-range segment of apartment costs Rs 4000 to Rs 5500 per sft. The luxury homes with superior specifications range up to Rs 6500 per sft within the standalone building segment.

So, the higher the price, the better the specifications even in the standalone building segment! It is logical: luxury comes at a price. Gladly, home buyers are increasingly preferring to pay for better specifications of all that is provided inside the home. Standalone buildings are being preferred because home buyers are finding more sense in paying for MORE SPACE rather than paying for amenities that are SHARED (like in gated-community apartments).

While the gated-community complexes offer amenities like clubhouse, gardens, walking tracks, spa, swimming pool, etc. they cost more. Plus, not everything is used by everyone in the family.

How do standalone building flats measure-up against gated community apartments?

residential flats

The biggest advantage of standalone buildings is that these can be constructed with impeccable finesse within the preferred locales of the city owing to the smaller residential plots needed to construct them.

What a home buyer needs to do is to evaluate the past projects as well as the specifications being offered by the builders of standalone properties.

With more space and high-end offerings in the residential market, standalone buildings are a lucrative option for 3 BHK homebuyers in Hyderabad.


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