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How to check on the quality of your 3 BHK apartment- 5 tips for ‘standalone building’ home buyers in Hyderabad

Check for the quality of your home is critical, especially, if you are exploring buying an apartment in a standalone building in Hyderabad.

The key to this exercise is ‘awareness of what goes into the making of an apartment’!

Checking on quality is done with the simple purpose of checking on the veracity of the claims of a builder. You must fall prey to false claims and end up booking an apartment that turns out to be a raw deal as time passes by.

standalone building quality

The quality of your home must NOT be skin-deep (superficial), hence, you must prioritize QUALITY over Price, and check on what you are signing up for!

5 simple steps to check on the quality of your home ‘standalone building’

  1. Check existing projects already delivered by the builder, RERA & GHMC approvals
    • The best yardstick is to check the existing project where the look and feel talk to you
    • Besides, ask around about the quality of materials used by the builder of the previous project
  2. Check on the possession timelines and overall feedback by occupants of previous projects
    • Possession timelines show the commitment to promised delivery timelines
    • A builder who delivers projects on time is surely a big plus on professional-approach
    • Feedback from previous project residents is a definite determinant of whether or not to go for the project by the builder you are evaluating
  3. Check specification on fittings and fixtures, especially sanitary ware, bath & kitchen fittings, paint, UPVC doors/windows, elevators, DG Gen-set, water connections, sewage system, electricity connection, etc
    • Awareness of the quality of branded materials is a must, else a low-quality, low-brand material also can pass off as looking good
    • As a home buyer, you must know what are the most reliable, durable, and preferred brands on various fixtures/fitting specific to the different areas of the home like the kitchen, bath, laundry, bedroom, dining, drawing/living, store, etc.
    • Besides interiors, you must know the best-in-class brands of exterior elements like elevators/lifts
    • Knowledge about the brand of electrical circuits, MCB, wiring, and switches also helps in determining the quality that comes your way
  4. Check on the brand of materials like cement, plastering used, the thickness of walls & structural design
    • Quality cement, a professional approach to construction, branded TMT bars, good quality bricks, plastering, and thickness of the columns, roof & beams also speak of the overall robustness of the building
    • A well-conceived design adds strength to the building by making it Earthquake resistant
    • Check of a qualified architect and structural engineer has been involved at every step of the construction from inception to finishing
  5. Check on pre-construction rigor like a soil-testing report, anti-termite treatment
    • Soil quality differs from place to place, even within a certain locality
    • The type of construction materials used depends on this. For instance, for a highly corrosive soil type, the builder needs to use high-grade anti-corrosive steel and also engage in treatment of soil where required
    • It is good to have a look at the soil test report and check if the construction is in accordance with the soil type of the residential plot
    • Anti-termite treatment is equally important to protect the building in the long run. So, check if a 5-stage anti-termite treatment has been done right from foundation through the construction phase

The key to checking quality is two things- 1) being conscious about quality, and 2) being knowledgeable about what constitutes quality materials.

As a home buyer in Hyderabad scouting for a standalone building apartment, you need to invest time to equip yourself with ‘what goes in the making of your dream home’.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

– William A. Foster


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