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Why are standalone building 3bhk apartments such a hit in Sainikpuri, Yapral locality in Hyderebad

Sainikpuri & Yapral’s Sweet Spot: Beautiful Standalone Building 3BHK Apartments!

The question: Why are standalone building 2 & 3BHK apartments such a hit in the Sainikpuri, Yapral area? The answer– In Sainikpuri and Yapral, houses in a small plot of land are already existing, plots have already been occupied. Finding big land-parcels is very difficult. This is what makes it very practical to look for an apartment in a standalone building!

What makes this locality lovably stunning is the abundant green cover that’s made even more prominent and dominating due to the adjoining Army area. This influence gives the Sainikpuri-Yapral area in Hyderabad a green, well-manicured and peaceful cantonment-like feel.

Part of the north-eastern part of Hyderabad, Sainikpuri, Vayupuri & Yapral, have been home to Armed Forces people since the 1960s. From the start, the area was planned for big houses, like the ones the British used to have– ranging from 700 to 2000 square yards. You can see the British-inspired planning with wide roads and trees on both sides of the roads. 

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When you enter Sainikpuri Yapral area, the abundance of greenery and countless birds make it feel like you’ve entered a ‘national park’ reserve. 

While you have more than three dozen residential colonies in the vicinity, the greenery has remained largely intact, which continues to give it a tranquil flavour. 

It’s no surprise that people from all around the world are drawn to Sainikpuri and Yapral! 

1. What do standalone buildings in Sainikpuri-Yapral belt look like?

They are building separate buildings in a configuration of five floors for apartments. The sizes of the plots they are making range from 400 square yards to 2000 square yards, with prices of apartments ranging from Rs 4500 to Rs 6000 per square foot, depending on the specifications. 

You have standalone apartment options for people with different budgets. This includes those looking for low-cost, affordable, luxurious, and even ultra-luxurious homes in Sainikpuri & Yapral.

Actually, driven by a demand for luxury home apartments, a lot of builders in this area are now offering ‘builder-floors’ designed in a ‘one-apartment-per-floor’ configuration. So, you can have a 2400-3500 square foot apartment on a 400 to 600 square yard plot in Sainikpuri. What’s more, with only 5 apartments in a 5-storey building, it’s like having your own separate house on each floor! You also get all the modern stuff like elevators, backup power, and personal parking, among other things in these exclusive builder-floors.

The builders of these standalone buildings are just as good as those in gated communities when it comes to construction quality, inside and outside looks, beautiful finishes, and high-quality features. 

These standalone buildings offer top-notch shared facilities like elevators (lifts), power backup with diesel generators, parking, security, water supply, borewell water, home automation choices, and many other things.

2. What makes standalone building apartments in Sainikpuri, Yapral a hit!

Living in the peaceful and lush-green inviting areas of Sainikpuri-Yapral brings a better quality of life with a modern countryside feel. This location in the city gives you the benefits of city living while making you feel like you’re away from all the hustle and bustle. 

Besides, Sainikpuri has now evolved to be a great eateries hub where people from all over Hyderabad like to visit. Some of the prominent eateries and outlets in and around Sainikpuri are Coffee cup, Starbucks, Mahendra mithawala, Flechazo MediterrAsian restaurant, Concu bakery, F3 café and bistro, Groove 9, W-café by Wichway, Kebabwala & Co., e’woke (Vegan), 10 Downing pub, Anna Native restaurant, Punjabi Chaap corner, The Big Oowl café, Chai Kahani, 5th Avenue bakers, Theobroma, 3rd Wave café, Funnel Hill Creamery, This is it, Eatalia Dhaba, Oh so stoned!, Thick Shake Factory, Olive sweet shop among others.

Living in a big 2 or 3-bedroom apartment in a standalone building in Sainikpuri-Yapral helps you avoid the stress of city life. People want these apartments because they offer a relaxed lifestyle and a great location. 

Factors that make Standalone building apartments a hit in Sainikpuri-Yapral belt

  1. You get to enjoy privacy, a feeling of space, and a calm atmosphere in the Sainikpuri-Yapral area. You can experience both solitude and a well-balanced social connection with a standalone building apartment, ensuring low-density living for your family in Sainikpuri.
  1. Choosing a standalone building gives you a bigger apartment because you don’t have to pay for extra amenities found in large gated communities. Instead, you’re paying for more living space inside your own apartment home! 
  1. Due to the better air quality index and reduced pollution in Sainikpuri-Yapral, apartment buyers in Hyderabad are increasingly interested in standalone building apartments in this locality.
  1. In your 3-bedroom standalone building apartment in Sainikpuri, you can enjoy improved mental health and peace. The abundance of greenery, lovely parks, and a quiet environment helps you overcome the anxiety and stress of city life. The GHMC is doing well in keeping this area maintained!
  1. There are plenty of things like stores, restaurants, schools, colleges, medical facilities, and hospitals in and around the Sainikpuri-Yapral area for you to use and enjoy.
  1. Living in a standalone building apartment with about 30 to 40 families fosters a tighter-knit community compared to larger gated communities with hundreds of families. You experience a stronger connection to a supportive community, surrounded by people you can get to know better. This type of neighborhood embraces the diversity of its residents, making the living experience more harmonious.

To conclude, the Sainikpuri-Yapral belt is emerging as the preferred destination for homebuyers in Hyderabad, who are motivated to buy standalone building 3bhk apartments here. The locality provides an ideal combination of your budget considerations, all your family-centric requirements, and being invitingly refreshing!

The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.

– Wendy Wunder


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