Standalone building 3bhk apartments a preferred residential choice in Hyderabad

Why are ‘standalone building’ 3bhk apartments a preferred residential choice in Hyderabad?

Standalone buildings give you a spacious apartment with all the modern-day amenities at attractive price points! By opting for a standalone building apartment, you don’t have to shed the extra bucks for additional shared amenities like a gymnasium, clubhouse, walking tracks, swimming pool, etc. that you get in a gated community complex. Not everyone uses these shared amenities, so many home buyers in Hyderabad prefer to skip these, and are instead choosing what’s relevant and more functional!

1. What’s a ‘standalone building’ apartment in Hyderabad?

A standalone building is usually constructed on a plot size of 400 to 1500 square yards in Hyderabad. GHMC allows the building to be constructed in a 5-storey building, ‘low-rise’ configuration with ground-floor or basement parking!

This means that in a 1000 square yard of area, you could have about anything between 10 to 15 apartments depending on their size (2bhk or 3bhk).

The reason for preferring standalone building over a gated-community complex has to do with cost, convenience and value-for-money! The added amenities (gym, pool etc.) in a gated-community complex cost much more as compared to a standalone building flat! Besides these added amenities, the construction quality and specifications of standalone building apartments are more than comparable to those offered by big builders large gated-complex projects.

At times, the specifications of standalone buildings even beat those of big builders! It’s all a matter of what specifications or build-quality you are looking for. The builders of standalone builders are catering to the different demands and tastes of discerning home buyers in Hyderabad rather efficiently!

No wonder, many home buyers in Hyderabad prefer to avoid the extra financial burden that comes with a gated-community flat, and are instead opting for a standalone building apartment!

The lure of having an affordable flat in a standalone building with more space, and all the modern amenities inside the apartment is going strong in Hyderabad.

Standalone 3bhk apartments offer you the most relevant amenities like lifts, DG power-backup, interior/exterior specifications, and beautifully designed new-age apartments!

All these factors make a standalone building a compelling proposition to home buyers in Hyderabad!

2. Luxury option of ‘one apartment per floor’ or builder floor in a standalone building- a big hit in Hyderabad!

Kishore's tamanna by Avisun properties facade - 3bhk apartments

Those seeking more luxury in a well-established location are also happy choosing a standalone building apartment with a ‘one apartment per floor’ concept built on a 400 square yard to 600 square yards residential plot. These builder-floor apartments in a ‘standalone building’ too are springing up across Secunderabad and Hyderabad! Plus, you get to live in well-established colonies without having to pay for the high land cost in these colonies!

The main differentiator of these ‘one apartment per floor’ units is that you get to own the entire floor with no neighbours! You get a independent bungalow like feel as all four sides of your home are open to sky with uninterrupted views! Besides, these builder-floors are usually bigger in size, and scream luxury!

Luxury option of ‘one apartment per floor’ | 3bhk apartments

These apartments cost more than the regular apartments for the increased space (2000 sft or more), as well as the exclusivity that comes with it. Even the share of plot (land) that an exclusive floor buyer gets is higher because on a small plot, you only have 5 families. So, if you are buying a builder-floor made on a 400 square yard plot, you get almost 80 square yards of proportionate land- 400 square yards divided equally among 5 families.

To give a perspective, a builder floor admeasuring 2200 sft in Sainikpuri will cost over Rs 1.35 crore. On the other hand, a 1700 sft regular apartment in a standalone building would cost approximately Rs 80 lacs in Sainikpuri.

3. Excellent design elements in standalone 3bhk apartments


The design elements in a standalone building apartment are getting most contemporary with work-from-home and physical-cum-mental-health friendly homes! Open-kitchen, bigger laundry areas, and spaces for relaxed movement options are being provided in standalone building flats for a superior lifestyle experience!

Besides regular 3BHK apartments, the exclusive builder-floor units with a one-apartment-per-flooroption are far more spacious, with trendy designs.

The reasons above clearly indicate why ‘standalone building’ options are being found attractive by home buyers in Hyderabad for the value and quality of life they offer!

“We shouldn’t measure everything in terms of GDP figures or economics. There is something called quality of life.”

– Nigel Farage

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