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Why does a spacious ‘one apartment per floor’ home in Sainikpuri cost Rs 1.5 crore…much higher than regular apartments?

Why does a spacious ‘one apartment per floor’ home in Sainikpuri cost Rs. 1.5 crore…much higher than regular apartments?

The reason is very simple- a ‘one apartment per floor’ is clearly premium, and is meant for an exclusive living experience. This configuration is an independent and exclusive floor is meant for the premium segment of buyers who are willing to pay for this exclusivity. Living in these exclusive floors feels like living in a ‘sky villa’ because you own the entire floor with no neighbours. In Sainikpuri, these exclusive floors cost approx. Rs 1.5 crore. No wonder, since you the entire floor all to yourself, they offer a higher social-status as well as a superior lifestyle.

The regular apartment are also a great option meant for the middle-class segment of buyers who seeks value for money, and fine with a community-living environment. While the quality of apartments and construction is absolutely fine with regular apartments, but the sense of exclusivity is clearly not on offer!

A ‘regular apartment’ is essentially a budget apartment that gets you the benefit of ‘economies of scale’ that comes with more families occupying a single floor.

This is why a regular apartment costs approximately Rs 4000 to Rs 4500 per sft as against Rs 5500 to Rs 7000 per sft for an ‘exclusive floor apartment’.

Cost-comparison- ‘regular apartment’ vs. ‘independent exclusive-floor apartments’ in Sainikpuri

The regular apartments usually are NOT more than 1800 sft in area, whereas, the ‘exclusive-floor apartments’ in Sainikpuri are usually well above 2200 sft.

The cost differential as depicted below-

one apartment per floor

Features of a ‘regular apartment’ in a standalone building

  • A regular apartment price in a standalone building in Sainikpuri can cost in the range of Rs 4000 to Rs 4500 per sft
  • These regular apartments are part of a 5-storey standalone building in Sainikpuri, usually constructed on a plot measuring between 1000 sq. yds. to 1500 sq. yds.
  • You have 2, 3 or 4 apartments on the same floor. This means you share the floor-plate with neighbours, with a lesser sense of privacy
  • Being a regular apartment configuration, NOT all four sides are available to you
  • In these apartments, Vastu does NOT apply 100% since all directions are open to any one single buyer with neighbouring apartments on the same floor plate
  • These are meant for the middle class buyers who do NOT seek the level of exclusive and premium living as those who se

How is an independent-floor in Sainikpuri different?

  • ‘One apartment per floor’ residences- so, you own the entire floor!
  • 5 storeys, 5 floors built on a small residential plot (400-700 square yards)
  • Each floor feels exclusive, open-to-sky, with no common walls
  • Ground floor parking, elevator (lift) access to each floor
  • High on privacy, amenities and security
  • Premium specifications to match the status of buyers of these ‘exclusive independent-floor apartments’

These exclusive homes in SAINIKPURI are usually more than 2200 sft in size. The best part is that you get to own the entire floor. With more spaces inside the house, and with no neighbours around you, these are luxury homes that are 100% Vastu compliant.

This is why a Rs 1.5 crore ‘exclusive floor’ apartment in Sainikpuri, Hyderabad is preferred over regular apartments by home buyers who seek SPACE & LIFESTYLE at an ATTRACTIVE PRICE POINT. These homes are virtually in the segment that lies between a bungalow and regular apartment.

The necessary amenities in these exclusive floors like ‘elevator access to floor’ and ‘power back-up’ give you a luxurious feel. This makes them high on VALUE FOR MONEY!


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